Kickstarter - Mighty No. 9 (AKA Mega Man awesomeness!)

Classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed by
Keiji Inafune, an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs…and YOU!

looks like a sweet Mega Man evolution, and they have already raised over 800k… in the first day! :astonished:

They’re $30k off their target…I think they might need just 1 or 2 stretch goals…

thats got to be some sort of record… crazy money being tossed at them…

I think they’re playing super hard off of nostalgia. Do not get your hopes up, guys. Lots of these ‘revivals’ done by original creators get ruined somehow. Or it could turn out amazing, so long as they don’t get sued for something random because it ‘looks too much like megaman.’

fear not, i have yet to pledge… i’ve pulled back quite a bit on my campaign funding efforts… :wink:

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I knew that Mega Man had a devoted fan base and that in japan some of the designers have a bit of a cult status, but this is pure madness - in a very good way!
@RoseyNineOneOne if you read the FAQs at the bottom you’ll see that they have answered a lot of the questions that come to mind, this is one of the best structured and presented campaigns I’ve seen.
If I would be a fan of the genre I would pledge, but well… I am not.

Yes, well, as it looks cool, I am intrigued, but this game isn’t quite right for me, and most of the other games I’ve backed only required between about 10 or 15 bucks. This is 20, so that’s a bit above my average. It is pretty cool looking, though.

aye… i (usually) prefer the $15 pledge level…

on a related not, im still stunned that i spent $40 for Elemental Fallen Enchantress, but so far, it was money well spent… that game is deeeep…

edit: oh give me a break… they just shot past 950k… :smile:

I bookmarked that kickstarter today because I’m waiting for the 2,500,000 strechgoal … this one has to be on my Wii U :smiley:

I will do what I did for stonehearth bide my time and see how it goes (I donated to stonehearth in the last 48 hrs just to see how it went but I saw it before mammoth banana was there, I’m very careful)

A standard KS campaign the last two days beat every other day, right? Good gracious. I’m gonna put an estimate on $7.5m, however I’ve followed very few KS campaigns so that might be way off.

I think they went to PAX which must help too but c’mon…if Stonehearth had that kind of funding we’d be dancing :dancers:

Hell, I’d be singing and flying.

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oh good grief, not me… first 48 minutes here… :stuck_out_tongue:

if thats the case, that would be some pretty brilliant timing… :+1:

It is the case, on their update they mentioned

anyone who came to the panel or the signing at PAX

so indeed, bang on time. That might have been deliberate though, PAX for the publicity and then straight into their Kickstarter.

On another note, they’ve hit $1 million! Dwarves will now be in it! :smile:

nope, you’re incorrect… 1,044,876, no wait… 1,044,996… no wait… 1,045,516…

and yes, that was all in the span of 45 seconds… good gravy!


They’ve slowed down, but have still smashed another $50k in 3 hours…super soup!

true, but its still going at an impressive clip… about 80k since i last posted, and they are quickly approaching the 20k backer mark…


granted, they have an existing name to draw from (and all the associated hype), but this is ludicrous… ludicrous i say! :smile:

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I don’t know it all seems to just be Megaman without the IP to me. Great for people who enjoy that but his Kickstarter vid talks about being fresh and new. I just see the same old Megaman designs, but with 3D sprites. Seems alright though.

They aren’t hiding the fact at all that this is just another Mega Man.

Edit: I want to create a new post and somehow ended up editing this one instead. Whoops.

indeed, which makes me nervous for the longevity of the project… i mean, isnt MegaMan like a honorary member of the ruling class? :crown:

but in all honesty, it seems the developers are walking a pretty thin line here… :wink: