DwarfCorp - Kickstarter campaign

yes! i’ve been waiting for this one for some time now… :smile:

A lighthearted simulation game in which you manage a colony of
ruthless capitalist Dwarves. Explore, exploit, and profit!


They had me at the bit where they layed out the rooms underground. Reminded me of all the old school d&d graph paper abuse I did. Ah, happy days

the game feels like Ragnarok to me 3D world with 2D characters

Seems to be a brilliant game but the graphics seem to be a bit painful also Im not sure whether it will make the goal because right now it only has 3,814 out of 20,000 and only has 29 days to go

i admit its a bit jarring initially, having a 3d world, with 2d pixel graphics… but its worked in “other” games… :wink:

give the first look video a spin… it really goes into more detail on how the game functions…

I like the look of the game TBH, but… it does look a LOT like Dwarf Fortress. Stonehearth is similar, too, but this looks like its almost all about the same thing.

Not saying its a bad thing. I’d love a Dwarf Fortress with better graphics.

I picked up the Early Bird special.

Is this made by the people who made Dwarf Fortress? Because I’m pretty sure this is exactly the same game.

I want it, bads.

i have played approximately 4.5 minutes of DF, but visually… i am not making the connection…

given this response though, im assuming the comments are in regards to the games similar mechanics to DF… again, given my limited experience with the game, i wasnt able to make the connection though…

Dwarf Fortress isn’t the most inviting game, mainly because the UI is terrifying and the game doesn’t tell you anything about how to play or how it works. It’s all trial and error. Like being asked to disarm a bomb with no prior experience, while on a battlefield.

If you are the 1 out a million that can figure out, I’m sure it would be an incredibly rewarding experience (I mean, who doesn’t like being not exploded)?

A more graphical game with an easier to read UI and slightly more obvious goals would be incredible. And, (this is just by watching the videos) this looks to be very, very similar to that.

I really like the look, it is very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics for PS1 (Which is one of my all time favorite games). I hope it is good :smiley:

We noticed we were getting backers from this source, so I showed up to provide some info! We’re doing quite well. Our first day has not even ended yet and we are nearly 25 percent of the way complete! Looking forward to the rest of the campaign!


No. Dwarf Fortress is made by Zach and Tarn Adams of Bay 12 games. Their site is here: Bay 12 Games: Dwarf Fortress

Our game, Dwarf Corp is heavily inspired by Dwarf Fortress and other similar games. I would go so far as to call our game a “Fan homage” to Dwarf Fortress. We started on the TIGSource forums (right next to Stonehearth and a few months before to boot) as a sort of experiment in making a voxel viewer for Dwarf Fortress. This eventually turned into its own game.


Thanks for your support!

Really man? It’s our first day. We now have almost 5,000. That’s 25 percent of our goal in 3% of the time. We’re the third most popular kickstarter (according to Kicktraq) right now!


Well, welcome to our little part of the internet!

I think the graphics are actually really neat, and @newf honestly, play Dwarf Fortress, everything will seem like paradise then!

Unfortunately I don’t have anything to fund you with at the moment, but I’m sure you will smash your goal so I wouldn’t worry about that, just keep pushing the word out there and you’ll hit it!

welcome aboard @dwarfcorp! :smiley:

you will obviously smash your funding objective, so its good you already have your first three stretch goals listed! :wink:

i will definitely toss some funds your way in the very near future (read, as soon as i’ve convinced my wife of the merits of dwarven hording)… :smile:

edit: as @Geoffers747 suggested, you now have a new honorary title… your free shamwow wont arrive for 4-6 weeks however…

Best of luck with your new endeaver @dwarfcorp. I’m afraid I’ll sit this one out though. I’ve been disappointed in the past with games like Towns that don’t do much to teach the user. No fault of your own of course. I will say I love the graphics it evokes nostalgia and is absolutely beautiful. The music is also marvelous. I may have to check it out after I’ve seen some release footage.

The only question now is, between Stonehearth and soon DwarfCorp, where is my life supposed to go?

To a life of complete an utter game heaven.

@dwarfcorp You have just earned yourselves an early bird backer! Methinks, on a side note, that an occasional Twitch.tv update or the like would be a nice thing to do.

EDIT: One other thing, like everyone else is saying, please make sure that the game is easy enough to pick up and run with.