DwarfCorp - Kickstarter campaign


Sorry I didnt realise it was first day :stuck_out_tongue:


“I don’t think I really want to back yet another game that-”…
“Does that say eight dollars?”

Immediatly backs game

Weeeelllll what can you do


Yes about the same happened here too - we are all crazy like that it seems :video_game:


it does makes it somewhat difficult to pass up, doesnt it? surely i can skip a few visits to the salon for this… :smile:


Can’t you back through paypal?


im not sure… you might try poking around their website or indiedb page… i think most KS campaigns introduce paypal once they have become a bit more established…

my guess is, it could be an option in a week or so?


Thanks for the support guys, you have been way more positive than we anticipated. We were worried there would be a backlash from Stonehearth fans since our game is superficially similar. (We’ve gotten a huge backlash from Gnomoria fans, for instance).

As for the paypal, we will make it available once we are sure to get 100% funding. We don’t want people to back a failed project through paypal!


Looking at the way things are now, [quote=“SteveAdamo, post:26, topic:2344”]
my guess is, it could be an option in a week or so?

you are absolutely right, Mr. Adamo.

EDIT: I thought about upping to $20, but seeing as SH is coming out only 2-3 months after I would be getting a build anyway, I think I can wait it out.


indeed, we’re a very loving and nurturing community… and it only took 3 weeks of shock therapy from team radiant to whip us into shape too! :smile:

best of luck to you though, it seems your campaign is going very well…

im quoting you out of pure vanity… plus, i’m awesome, and want others to know just how awesome i am…


you are absolutely right, Mr. Adamo


I would like to think we’re a mostly positive community, so it’s good to see everyone react so positively to Dwarfcorp! I suppose the game is a hell of a lot closer to Gnomoria which might explain the greater amount of negativity there.

As @SteveAdamo said, best of luck with the game, and don’t be a stranger :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the Stonehearth guys are much cleverer than us in terms of getting game design ideas across TBH. Our prototype unfortunately doesn’t feature some of the core features of the game yet, so its hard to explain what we mean. Stonehearth also had the advantage of those beautiful concept art renders to get the idea across.


i wouldnt worry too much my friend, your campaign is doing really well so far… 30%+ in 2 days? :wink:

plus, they hired @Geoffers747 to perform at childrens parties and bat mitzvah’s…


All hail Team Radiant.

I don’t want to compliment them too much through risk of being called a ‘fanboy’ too soon guys?

Anyway, back to the matter at hand! I’ve finally actually watched your kickstarter video in it’s entirety and I just wanna say, I find the graphics weirdly beautiful. The ‘capitalism’ aspect is a pretty interesting gameplay element, and I will definitely be pledging in a couple of weeks when I get paid!

I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagintion but I’d say try and work on that ASAP, I mean, firstly people have Dwarf Fortress, then there’s Gnomoria, Timber and Stone, Stonehearth, Castle Story, these are all taking their own stance and vision whilst drawing from some similar central gameplay elements.

Being able to express what makes you different (aside from the visuals) I would say might be quite a big thing for potential pledger’s. I hope you get funded though as I look forward to seeing what you guys do with it!

For £30 a day I will make an appearance at a venue of your choosing - just let me know!


I’ve just bumped my pledge up to $20! If you notice another 20 leaving your midst, it was just me changing my amazon account.


I too will be pledging as soon as @Geoffers747 gets paid


just pledged $25, Would have pledged earlier just did not have the time


sooo… my commission check should arrive in about 4-6 weeks, yes? :moneybag:


Wait, what? How does that work?

@SteveAdamo Hows about I just give you a sneak preview of any/all of my mods that I make?


let’s just say @TobiasSabathius has some… compromising images of @Geoffers747, and leave it at that…

honestly, @Geoffers747… did you think no one would notice? :see_no_evil: