Trying to get Stonehearth seen by new players

Just managed to get a post up about stonehearth on a decent sized gaming website :slight_smile: hopefully a few new people will notice it this way


I have no idea how consistent sales have been post Kickstarter, but every little bit helps… well done @easto1a!


I think the moment multiplayer is in this game its going to blow sales out of the water, seeing as it would literally be the only dwarf fortress style game that’s multiplayer(and super mod friendly)


I posted a comment to help “Salt the Tip Jar” as they say. :slight_smile:

I’ve also been constantly updating Stonehearth over here :


I am hoping to stream some tonight or tomorrow. Not a huge channel on Youtube, but I know some of my regulars will check it out.


I’m out of likes, but you can take this: :heart:

Actually, everybody above me can take one of these: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Good job keeping that article posted! :smile:

I’ve been doing my bit by streaming the game on Twitch, some of my regulars are thinking about getting it, and another friend recently purchased after I did a social media post. I also like to pop in and talk to other twitchers streaming the game :smiley:

I also did a basic tube clip on how to make a custom house, it’s got a few views, but alas not very many likes (oh well)

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I convinced a friend to buy the game, now he is obsessed :heart_eyes: with it. :smile:

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