Someone up for multiplayer?

I´ve played solo campaign many times, but it always bores me out pretty quickly. I once tried multiplayer and it set my heart on fire again, so I´m asking…
Is there someone who would also loved to play Stonehearth multiplayer?
If so, you can add me on steam and we can think something out. (My steam nick is “kasmat”)

Hi Kasmat,
I also would like to join your multiplayer experience. My name is on steam the same as on discourse stonehearth. I can speak Dutch and English. The mods I like to play with is the 12 stats mod and the extra map options. So see you soon :slight_smile:

I also love to play with the Asdencency, Forest and trapper, footman, herbalist starter pack

And what is your steam name? :slight_smile:

Yet I played only vanila, but I have absolutely no problem with any mods so if you can teach me about them, we can play with any mods you like :smiley:

Oh yea and I forgot to mention, I live in central Europe, where time is +1h :smiley:
And as said before, I dont have any problem with any mods :smiley:

Hi kasmat
The mods I use are 12 stats mod that means every hearthling has 12 of mind, body and spirit. The other mods extra maps options is for you guess it for extra maps options for examples bigger or smaller maps, rivers instead of lakes
I also live +1 GWT

Hi BlueAries00
You mean like maximum of 12 or they are all maxxed out? :smiley: