Did someone say Dwarves?!

getting fidgety as i write this though i dont think we’ll get to 750k in time.

I think we might. We’re almost at 700,000 and the PayPal lasts for two weeks after kickstarter closes. I hope to GOD that we get dwarves as that would be awesome!

I would up my pledge if just the the kickstarter campaign lasted for another day :frowning:

Don’t you quit on me !!! there will be dwarves…

I am SO EXCITED FOR DWARVES! It must happen. and I hope that even if they dont hit it they add them in eventually.

“Dont tell the elf”

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I wonder if the dwarves will be similar to the dragon age ones as the huuuge underground cities look sooo cool or like lonely mountain in the hobbit


My username is Dwarf.

Who will be be re-enacting the Hobbit? THIS GUY!!!

We have met the 750k stretch goal! DWARVES HERE WE COME!

Well that guarantees a lonely mountain build for meee, ooo I can just imagine tunnelling under a human town n making it suddenly sink into the ground

Sounds like a good idea.
But beware of the creatures that live beneath the surface.

Ohh, and beware of the magma.
(I didn’t draw this pic)

I hate to necro a thread but… Its so good to see the Dwarven support here :slight_smile:

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