Will there be Dwarfs (or Dwarves, if you prefer)?

You know, bearded short-folk who like mining rare metals and gems, rune-smithing powerful axes and hammers, drinking and brewing mushroom ale, delving underground fortresses etc… ?

Oh yes. Dwarves building fortresses and also an ASCII user interface please.

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In the stream Tom showed off the rabbit-folk and explained that they would serve as the “dwarves” of the game. They reside underground, are short and stout, expert excavators, and trade specialized goods. I’m assuming being rabbits this would mean rare kinds of subterranean vegetables and spices as opposed to the diamonds/treasure that Tolkien dwarves are fond of, but he never went that far into the details so that part’s just an educated guess on my part.

Also I think the proper spelling is “Dorfs”

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I’m still hoping for another Human-like race like Elves or some such.

In that 2.5 hour stream the term “we want this to be alive in 10 years” (rough approximation from memory) fell.

More races as NPC’s as well as playable would seem logical additions in the future.
Also, Modding!
Give this game 3 hours of life and there will be 400 races made by modders available to download. Don’t worry :smile:

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Honestly, what @Gridian said. The Devs, from what I’ve heard, are looking to release a game that allows you to customize every single aspect of it. In my opinion, they wouldn’t want to invest so much time in multiple races and things of the sort but more of getting a sort of basic template in, where every thing is working 100% in terms of the logic and gameplay. The aesthetics, the extra races, etc. will probably show up more from the community then the Devs themselves. If you head over to the Modability category you’ll notice that a lot of us are already exploring Qubicle or getting into/learning LUA to be able to create mods for the community pretty much ON RELEASE. Don’t worry about your elves or your dorfs, they’ll come with time!

I’m holding out for a race of intelligent toasters whose goal is to ascend and become microwaves.

Races are only part of the excitement for me. I dearly want to see what set them apart from the others. Each race’s architecture of their buildings and their strengths and weaknesses and how they use those in their tactics.

I know the Bunny people are a neutral race, but imagine if they robbed your caravan by a hit and run technique. Distracting your guards while more stole what they could and then ran away.

I guess goblins are more like lemmings where they pour in with a strategy of victory through numbers.

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