Give us a preview of what the dwarves will look like!

Can you please give us a preview of what the dwarves will look like? Do you have any artwork that you could show us? Thanks!

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This is a replica that @voxel_pirate made long time ago, there are some videos of livestreams in which we can see it, although I don’t know which ones and maybe they were deleted.

It’s not perfect but you can get an idea on how they envisioned the dwarfs. (I think Tom remodeled him once…? or was it for the kickstarter final countdown video?)

Other people might have better screenshots.

Anyway bear in mind that dwarves are a post release stretch goal that barely made it in the last hours. We aren’t going to see them any time soon. There are too many things to finish first…


Thanks for posting that picture! As long as the dwarves will make it in the game as a playable race at some point, I will be happy to wait for them! I can’t wait to build underground dwarven cities!!