New kickstarter game, with some... odd similarities

i was intrigued at first, but once i skimmed down the page a bit, this image stuck out…

for reference, here’s @Tom’s image from the June 18th desktop tuesday

here’s a link to the kickstarter campaign if you want to read more…

Those are some very familiar colour palettes.

just watched the intro video, and the models are strikingly familiar as well (missing arms and all)…

oh well, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery… right? :confused:

Quite different in terms of gameplay me thinks … but I agree that particular scene looks similar - I suppose if you are drawing influence from a specific type of housing then you’re gonna end up with a similar outcome.

Is it just me or is the combat system the guy outlining from 1:30 a 3D Final Fantasy ATB system?

oh absolutely… very heavily turn-based, etc. but man, there are a number of visual similarities… even down to the gray foundation for the homes (and as @Froggy mentioned, the color palette)…

i dunno… maybe im just being overly “defensive”… its not as if this would steal the limelight from SH…

Psst, Froggy mentioned the colour palette… :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, you are perhaps being a bit defensive. With SH I was throwing money at the screen, with this … not so much…

hahaha… my comment was referring to the foundation design, mr. persnickity…

aye… i think i just need some lunch… and perhaps a nap… :sleeping:

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i think this is outrageous personally, i mean look at it… they are practically the same bloody thing, doesn’t look as nice though lol. i wanna know what Tom thinks of this :frowning:

I agree with @Kyeden, If there is going to be an all out fan boy war I am totally willing to lead the charge but if Tom, Tony and Stephanie dont want anyone to go too crazy about this then I dont think we should really do much because in the first place its their game and they should get the choice whether to make a big or small deal about this and Im pretty sure Tom and Tony dont want to ruin the chances of another indie developer just starting out

that was my reasoning behind the topic… just wanted to let team radiant know about this young whippersnapper… :wink:

Considering Stonehearth is already funded and on it’s way I’m not sure we (the Stonehearth community) need to worry about it all that much. Not like it’s going to steal funding from Stonehearth. The game itself also looks like a tactical RPG, not a town-builder.



Who cares about that. Fanboywars are lame and childish. And will hurt Stonehearth more then it will do good.
I also cant see how this will be competition to Stonehearth. It has pretty boring gameplay imo.


Yer, I think the only similarities are in the colour palette of that particular terrain - but gameplay wise this seems completely different, a complete focus on the tactical RPG side of things.

So, best of luck to him!

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i wasnt suggesting we grab pitchforks, and storm his castle folks… :smile:

i did however want to point out the startling visual similarities between the games… and granted, “voxel” games will all share a certain amount of similar bit and bops, but specific design directions (structures, units) as well as color schemes seems a bit excessive…

but again, im not calling folks to arms… unless of course @Geoffers747 commands me to…

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Look I do feel its unfair that tom tony and steph are working hard with these design ideas and now this other company is getting funded for them, makes me mad.

bah, its not worth it my friend… radiant is now “aware”, and if they feel they should take some course of action, they will…

lets look forward to something positive… today’s desktop tuesday is imminent… :sunny:


My word it… it… it looks very, very, very similar indeed. I mean it looks like a mod or something for Stonehearth to be honest.

Right, but what I meant by ‘not worry about it’ is not even give it another thought. I’ve responded to this thread twice so far, so I’ve already worried more about then the issue actually merits.


and i would agree… case in point, i’m now watching Nilsey play Project Zomboid, and enjoying it immensely… :wink:

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Nicely said steve! I can’t wait , I get up every Tuesday and
wait for there every word lol. I watch there vids to but I never get a chance to see them live though :frowning: