What does this look like?

Is this a SH copycat?

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I haven’t watched that video yet, but that building on the left in the thumbnail looks directly from some old concept art.

Most of the models from that video looks like they are copied directly from stonehearth.

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Looks like the guy even admits to using Stonehearth assets too in the comments.

Wow this looks like a possible lawsuit.

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Depends on whether or not these assets are protected. If he freely admits to using them, then perhaps they are public domain or creative commons or the like?

(I mean, he could also be stealing them, of course. But there is the benefit of doubt.)

The video is 1 year old. He probably gave up already. It was just a guy grabbing stuff to make less than a half of a game prototype…
But yeah, it is wrong and so he could not go any further if he wanted it to became a real game.

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I’m positive Tom’s work is not creative commons. I watched him make the assets in the Stonehearth stream. There’s no doubt.

as @BrunoSupremo said, it is a year old and seems to abandoned, but even so, i’ll page @brad just encase.

Whoa, this is weird, i suppose SH is unipe enough that it’s tempting to copy it, though even if thy were to try, SH is now too big of a game than to claim their superiority and ownership

I’d be cautious even if the vedio is a year old since CubeWorld is now being developed after a TWO Year gap in public surfacing(although it does seem like Wollay kept on working even in that Two year gap)

Buut this game has no defense here, it just plainly IS a copy in models and style, aaand cosidering we have Riot at our back now, we’ll be fine, and i don’t even wish the dev of that copycat gets in easy, stealing someones precious content is Disgraceful of a developer, and i do not want to see it taken lightly if it’s still being worked on or they claim to own it