Isn't This Game A Lot Like That Game Called Castle-Story?

Many things in CS and SH are very similar, don’t you think?

Just saying…

kinda but to me they seem more different than alike :confused:

there also another game called timber and stone that’s out already and then there’s Towns and Gnomoria. there all Dwarf Fortress derivatives in some way or another and also mixing with other games and/or genre. its part of the game creation cycle and its rare for something to to totally original at this point.


I like the choices people are catching onto. These types of games are very enjoyable to me and I ain’t sure why. For some reason though I just like how CLEAN Stonehearth seems. Not to mention these guys workin’ on SH seem to know their stuff. Making it highly moddable, co-op, things of this nature are very attractive to me and buddies from the service I’m trying to stay in touch with… yes people in the military enjoy these types of games… ;D

Plus not to mention - Castle Story dev team is getting distracted I hear. The dangers of a indie dev is that they can really go any direction they want in production of the game, even if it isn’t the best one.


plus out of all those games i think we can all agree stone hearth looks the best and has the best devoplers working on it and the art style is much much better than those games and not to mention that they are working hard on it

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i would never have pegged SH as being considered similar to castle story… i feel i know quite a bit about CS, and the initial direction/vision they have for their game is really quite different than what SH wants to be…

once you get past resource gathering, the two skew quite significantly…


I agree entirely Steve.

Maybe in the way that Warcraft and Starcraft are similar or Mario and Spyro.

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In the introduce video they said:
"you just take lego and dungeons and dragons and you combine them"
But i still see some things that are very similar.


Well, I found CastleStory before it’s Kickstarter. I wanted to Kickstart it but I didn’t really have all that much money, so I didn’t. Anyway, I am glad I didn’t because it is getting really far on and they still haven’t release beta like they had planned to! Not to be demanding of them, but seriously?

I do actually think the games are very similar, however, they have completely different art styles and different building methods. I much prefer the blocky atmosphere SH has over CS’s weird, ‘all the same’ yellow people and world.

That said, Castle Story Online is still on my bookmarks and I check twice a week to see if anything new is going on. I really just want to play it, though!

i have the prototype, and sadly, so do i… :wink:

i just have no interest in playing the game right now in its current state… which serves as a perfect example of alpha access and what it means… some folks are having a wonderful time, and building elaborate castles and such… me, i cant play for more than 5 minutes without getting frustrated at the simplest of things… :frowning:

im sure things will improve over time, but for me, CS has to cook for a bit longer before i’ll try more of what they’re offering…

How is the castle story thing going? It looked pretty cool in the early stages. Have they just failed at developing it or something Steve?

im not entirely sure where things went south, but shortly after the prototype was released, and the outpouring of emotions began (controls were atrocious, etc.), the team went somewhat dark… they had previously been making fairly regular updates on the current state of the game, and its completely understandable that they would go heads down into the game… but to go completely silent was somewhat of a surprise…

especially given that they had received such a large amount over their original funding… most of the fans assumed there would be someone on staff who could interact with the community more, and for the most part, it was Thierry… its just that he simply didnt have much to report…

im not writing them off, as i really like the team and the vision they have for the game (and the update to the prototype did improve the controls considerably), but overall i think they could do a better job of keeping the community engaged/informed as the development process continues…

What I mean by the two games being similar is that they both include: building, crafting, mining controlling multiple players, etc.

They both include these aspects, but handle them in different ways. I mean a lot of games use same or similar mechanics as each other, bu it’s how these games represent and make those mechanics work that differentiate them.

So yes, if you reduce everything down to what a game does, there would be no difference really between Dwarf Fortress, Gnomoria, Towns, Timber and Stone, Minecraft, Castle Story, and any other voxely, game with crafting and building features.

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OK guys, you made your point.

Now can someone lock this thread? This thread has no use anymore.

Can do!