I need convincing!

I want to buy this game really badly but feel like i shouldn’t! Someone please give me the push I need to buy the early access!!!

(If it isn’t obvious i am very open to other peoples opinions)

Everyone you know will be… Peer pressure… PEER PRESSUREE!!!

Actually, it’s all up to you. If you don’t feel like you should buy the game, there’s no pressure to do it now- no incentive to buying it early now that the Kickstarter is over. So just take your time, and when the first release is out in December, then you can decide. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a fantastic game. Probably. Maybe. Actually, you know what? I haven’t a clue.

what games is it very similar to? Like shogun 2 or closer to a cube world shogun mix?

It’s similar to… Stonehearth. It’s a unique game, really, and you’d have to ask some of the more seasoned veterans about analogies… I summon the Great @SteveAdamo!

Similar to … Think less RTS and more City building - in a similar vein to things like Gnomoria, Dwarf Fortress, Timber and Stone, Castle Story, Towns.

Just, like @ManOfRet has said … more Stonehearth.

Isn’t Settlers another nice comparison to make? (haven’t played it that much, but that’s what I’ve hear from other people)


Settlers plus more city building (as you can influence the design of each building in Stonehearth) and more complex professions (as you can craft items, furniture, weapons, etc. in Stonehearth).

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You’re all fired from my sales team. Except @Geoffers747. Somebody has to stand by the door and yell at the people who leave with no items.

This game now has 6 people (or will have a 6th very soon) working on it, all veterans of the coding world. If you watch any kind of development livestreams (one of which begins in an hour here), or you read any of their Desktop Tuesdays (found here), you’ll know that they know what they’re doing. They’ve been thinking about this game for over 2 years now I believe, and I feel the Kickstarter reflects on what the game should be like, with $750k backed for an asking of just $120k. This means that not only can they make the game they’d already put the ideas in for, made a fair few models for and I wouldn’t have put it past them to have coded parts, but they can also add a whole ton more stuff with the money and expand the team to get it delivered in December with more stuff. Plus @Geoffers747 says person #6 will be Hans Zimmer, which would speak for itself :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. @Ellogeyen Settlers is a nice comparison too, just with more control of each workers tasks and fair more interaction with terrain. Aesthetically nothing similar but gameplay-wise, they share some large aspects indeed.


If you haven’t been sold yet, I’m not sure I can convince you… But I’ll leave you with this…

Stonehearth is like smooth jazz playing in the background while you sit in front of a warm fire on a chilly night, sipping on a luxurious drink, while having your back rubbed by each member of the international Swedish bikini team…

Or so I’ve been led to believe…


Just me Steve. Just me.


or… :musical_score: in the background while you :wheelchair: in front of :fire: on a :ice_cream: :moon: sipping on a :moneybag: :tropical_drink: while your :handbag: is :guardsman: by each member of the :gb: :bikini: team…

P.S. Sorry dear Sweden… no icon :disappointed:.


Our British swimsuit models are renowned for their bag robs!


This is quite possibly the best thread on the entire discourse… :blush: