Should i buy this game?

I want to know if the price is going up later on, and if its better to buy it sooner, I know its super buggy but so far i havent seen many game breaking bugs in gameplay videos this game looks super fun i will get it if its worth it.

hey there @Tyler13700 … welcome aboard! :smile:

I don’t know if we have concrete information on any future price changes, but I think more importantly you have to decide if the game, in its current state, is something you want to invest in…

if you go into it knowing the “final” product is still months and months out, you will likely have an enjoyable time testing out new features and discussion development topics with the fans and developers…

if you would rather wait for a more polished version, I would hold off for a few more months and see where the client is at that time…

either way, you should be happy when you make your purchase! :+1:

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Personally I pirated stonehearth for about 2 months to kinda test it out and then as soon as I got money I bought the game. I dont have to play it while its in alpha because I’ll know i can always play it now if I do. You should buy it IF you want to support them and don’t mind playing with “In Progress” stuff.

I bought it, loved it and then bought it again for my brother. When this game’s engine gets oprimized I think I’m gonna lose all track of rl.


I have only had this game for about 3 days and i have over 47 hours in it. If you love watching little towns people build very real looking, like they put up ladders and its all really nice i think you should by this game cause its really fun and i think you will enjoy it.

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I will be happy just want to know when the lowest price state is gonna be