Should i finally buy this game?

hey, so i used to follow the development of this game since 2016, i watched all the Desktop Tuesdays, read all of the forum posts and mods, saying to myself “i really want to be a part of this community someday when i buy the game”. Back then i thought that i would get the game when its close to release and then suddenly i got all busy with life, school, family (and other games), and so i forgot about this game, stopped checking this forum, stopped watching the DTs, and a year passed…

Today i found out that the game would soon come out of development. i read the forums, and found out that allot of people were heartbroken or unsatisfied with how things have gone…

So basically i just want to ask, is it too late for me to enjoy this game and its community?

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Nah man, the community is already working on keeping it alive when it get’s released.
Feel free to join the ACE discord and chat with people about the game.


thanks, it’s nice to hear that! so what about the base game? as someone who never touched the game before (although seen a few playthrough back in the days), what should i aspect from it in it’s current or eventual form?

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Creativity, adventure, frustration, happiness and a great community :smile:

The base game is at a point where the dev’s feel comfortable releasing it, that stated and being under an even larger company (Riot)

IMO that means the game is complete, I am sure no dev in this world wants to release anything thats unfinished^^

The game has so many different aspects to it, survivial, city builder, story telling, RPG and on top of that the best community I’ve witnessed.

Would be awesome to have you join us!

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For the price of one medium pizza this games worth it! Ive got over 200 hours and clocked alot of new hours recently.


I’ve got 130 official hours on steam and a few hundred on unofficial versions for up-date/learning reasons. Totally worth 20 bucks.

Also if you like tinkering with games: it’s prettymuch the easiest thing to mod I’ve ever seen in comparison to other games.

what @MaddyGrand only 130+ few 100s? you need to play more :stuck_out_tongue:
as wouter said, its really easy to get this game modded and also you can aim almost anywhere for that (even developers went into a sort of battle royale xD)
does it worth? if you like to design, build and defend (and liket the gameplays), yes it worths it. if the final release price is 20 then its even a better deal

of course a lot of people is unsatisfied if you compare the ks promises and what is being released
but it’s not impossible to get them from future mods

  • it’s late to enjoy the game?
    Never :smiley:
  • and the comunity
    will surely be around for a long time modding new stuff and helping new modders to get even more crazy ideas :wink:
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Is it everything we dreamed of??? No. Is it everything we were promised??? Not really. These two things are what most people are upset about. But if you at the game for what it is, it is easy to see that it is worth the $20 price tag. Its no Civ 6th or AAA game, but Civ 6 is worth 3X as much.


the Radiant Team say that from now on the fate of this game is mostly depends on this community, so i’m wonder if we are allowed to interfere the source code of the game and fix the bugs all by ourselves or we will have to face some consequences when doing that?:merry::merry:

if you feel like “fixing” anything on your end, I’m pretty sure that’s fine. Some people might even want your fixes at some point depending on what they are :slight_smile: