This game, buy it or not buy it?

I have questions to the developers, the game is still in alpha will wear it to the relase? or abandon as did some of the other games? The game is full of bugs from what I have seen on youtube and read by other parties, you should buy the same? Here in Europe lose money even if it is 20 Euro as maybe a shovel between his legs!
I can trust you? then I buy it and soon too!

Sorry for my bad english! bye

The game will not be abandoned even if all the devs disappear, cause it is highly mod friendly, so anyone with a little knowledge can add new things.

The game has bugs, but never trust youtubers, in general they don’t know how to play games, they always make newbie mistakes.

About the money and value, you can wait if you want. Each new release the game gets better and more bug free. It is up to you if you want to join now or later.


thanks (grazie), I’ll wait again, maybe …!

hey there @Silma_Endashi, don’t have anything to add to what @BrunoSupremo said, but just thought i would say welcome to the discourse :smile:


From the devblogs and activity on the forum, one can safely say TR is vigorously working on the game without a hint of abandomnent. I think for awhile updates will come slow as they are working on hammering off performance issues, especially at late game.

Anywho, definately worth the money, even at its current state it beats alot of more costly games.


ok, I want to trust these developers hoping to end the game go to relase! thanks all!

I bought it around a8 or 9 and seeing what they have already done in a span of 9 ish months that ive had the game there has been a ton of progress. @sdee has always been keeping the community up to date with what they have been working on with the desktop Tuesdays. and even then updates are a lot more common with the Radiant team then any other game I have seen so far.

personally I have already gotten a ton of enjoyment out of the game. I have nearly 200 hours on it thought steam already

EDIT: I have no doubt they will follow thought with the completion of the game the fact they are extremely open with the community with bug reports and any problems the players are having they want to know about so they can fix them as soon as possible


Im here since the kickstarter and the devs are great lots of Feedback 4 Times every week and also at the beginning was the communication perfect so no need to worry xD

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Hey there @Silma_Endashi, welcome! Wanted to pop in and give some information regarding releases. In general, there is a 5-6 week cycle between major alpha releases. Within that time, there is typically a 2-3 week period after a major release where no builds are sent to the latest branch on Steam. Then there is typically a 3 week period where develop builds are released to latest, before a release build is sent to the main branch.

If you are curious about the team’s release activity, check out the patch log on the Stonehearth Wiki. (Please note that prior to Alpha 11, the list is incomplete.)


I remember downloading the graphics test, god I feel old :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In all that time I can’t say the game has gone away from what I understood it would be, I wanted something Majesty-like where we have no direct control; at times relaxing to watch and still strategic/difficult to master.

I don’t believe the devs will lose sight of this, and the transparency in development, direction and timeline is refreshingly high. I’d much rather wait for this game to be great than have it be rushed to completion. I am also loving the input I’ve had, via this discourse, the streams, naming Hearthlings, etc. It’s a great community here :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Oh god, I wonder why there aren’t more of Majesty type of games. It was such fun to make a town to attract heroes and build it the way it can deal with the map’s challenges.

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Buy it. Right now, in Alpha 14, there’s a lot you can do with the game already, and it’s only going to get better. I’ve also never seen an indie company (or any game company) so communicative with their players. I was a Kickstarter backer, and my only regret is I didn’t back at a higher tier.


At least you were ABLE to back the KS. I wasn’t old enough to have the sort of card KS requires… Oh well, there’s always the next Radiant game :slightly_smiling:

I was about to write something like this. I’ve been playing since alpha first happened, and I’ve never seen a developer keep so in touch with their backers or stay so focused on their goals. They promised a lot with the kickstarter and if you look at the really early alpha days you could see it was going to be a long road, but amazing strides have been made with the game in stability and features. I whole-heartedly believe they will be able to deliver what they promised in the kickstarter.