Reasons to buy Stonehearth

Hello there!

I had an idea on how to convince people why they should buy Stonehearth. I’m in the same position right now… should I buy Stonehearth or not? I have enough money for it for I have no idea if I should do it. Something is holding me and telling me not to… that’s why I made this topic. Also for the other people having this problem… tell us reasons to convince us of buying Stonehearth!

To make it easier to find out how much reasons there already are, it would be a nice thing if people did it like this for example.

First person:

Second person goes futher with 3 for example.

Let the reasonapocalypse begin! :wink:

be part of something big from the start. the game has sooo much potential and it beats the mainstream with excessive violence.
A casual and challenging game you can enjoy any time.

  1. The people are just so damn cute!

yep i second that! like bomberman meets the middle ages then turned cube and with ponies and unicorns injected straight in!

  1. It’s like a Minecraft RTS. Who wouldn’t want that?
  2. Simple controls, deep gameplay

Kind of like 100 Facts About Our Community, eh?

  1. The developers are very active, and often comment on the Discource.
  1. you get to interact with awesome people … like me… rolls eyes
  2. fine! and @Geoffers747 too…
  3. this is a lovingly crafted “sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!” :smile:
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There are lots of reasons to buy Stonehearth, but a lot of reasons not to also; it depends on your taste. Sleep on it. If it’s still a good idea, go for it!

Stonehearth is wonderful, and I’d love to get as many people as possible to play, but I don’t want to make you waste your money if you end up not liking it.

But since you’re harvesting reasons to:
10) Magma smith.
11) Magma smith.
(okay, those all count as 10)
11) Candy bushes!
12) If you’re willing to: - spend a few bucks a day buying a coffee at Starbucks; - treat yourself to dinner; order pizza instead of cooking a cheap meal; - buying your SO a teddy bear; … you may as well pick this game up.


@SteveAdamo, I hope you have a spare cage, we have a heretic!


*It’s time to run. *

oh, he shall be dealt with, posthaste…

  1. the music!
  1. The fact that it got funded over $-750.000 on kickstarter you just know its gonna be great! Even from the start ^-^
  1. the fact that a full 100k of that funding went towards covering the walls in velcro, purchasing ful-body velcro suits for each employee… and designing custom fit bean-bags that litter the main room from wall to wall…

that takes moxy…


I think the main thing people need to consider is that in Stonehearth, you do not play as a 'toon; you control a group of them. More like a god game.

I think a lot of folks are coming from Minecraft and Cubeworld thinking you create a character on the start screen and run him around in-game. Stonehearth’s approach makes for a completely different gaming experience that’s nothing like the aforementioned games.

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  1. “Nothing is Hardcoded, Everything is permitted” - Awesome person on a livestream (Extremely mod friendly)
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And with all the community stuff, the music’ll be very diverse :smiley:!

There is such a good modding community that Stonehearth will never run out of content.The settlers are so cute :smiley:!

That definitely made me laugh! :smiley:

The modules? … no? … maybe my dad??

i’ll assume some of the above posts to have phantom numbers.

  1. Its like what Dwarf Fortress should have been. Only by the time its Finished it’ll be better. Especially with the community content. :wink: