Ripoff? Castle Story

Hum yeah so i saw that game on steam and well it looks a lot like stonehearth…
So i hope stonehearth won’t be shadowed by stoneheart.
It really looks like the ideas are the same with magic rts element and gestion…

Lets not let @SteveAdamo see this (he says as he tags him in it), I seem to recall seeing his only two groups on Steam being for Stonehearth and Castle Story :smile:

I’m not very aware of the gameplay of Castle Story, but certainly graphically they look fairly different. Plus Stonehearth is kinda a ripoff of Dwarf Fortress, or Towns, or Gnomoria, or Timber and Stone. If Castle Story plays like these games, I’m not sure you could say it was ripping off of Stonehearth to be honest…however, to clarify I shall wait for someone who does know the gameplay :smile:

Hm… hard for me to agree on that one. Stonehearth is about city-building, professions, modding. Castle Story is about building castles, defending them and exploring the world. Sure, in both games the player needs to gather resources and has some “workers” who are performing the orders. But this is it with similarities from my point of view. Both games also look very different from the design point-of-view. I don’t think there is too high risk that someone could confuse one with the other :wink:.


Ripoff? No. Both games occupy a similar genre and as such yes, there will be similarities … but a ripoff? No, I think that’s a bit extreme and pretty offensive to the team over at Castle Story.

Castle Story has been in development since I think 2011? It’s been around for a while and has had a few teething problems with the development as far as I know.

There are a lot of differences between Castle Story and Stonehearth, just as there are differences across all the games that @Smokestacks has listed. Ultimately each of the games has their own direction, aims and goals, and we should support each game in the genre rather than being quick to assume that everyone is stealing from everyone else.


the two games really dont share many similarties, as was discussed over here, before we locked the thread… :wink:

we’ll leave this alive for now though, in case anyone else wants to weigh in on CS’s current development (i’ve been out of the loop for ages)…

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What is it with people saying rip off this… rip off that …
We cant have more games in 1 genre? :confused:


Apologies, I had meant to say “if that were a ripoff, then “Stonehearth is kinda a ripoff of…””

I think it’s great having multiple games in the same genre, and even if they’re extremely similar, that just provides competition and (hopefully) makes each strive to compete with the other via more content, better content, less lag, better support, lower price etc. :smile:

Plus, nothing can rival Stonehearth’s graphics even if it can rival gameplay, gotta :heart: those 8bit graphics


Oh neat I hadn’t realized it was out on early access on Steam today. I’ve been loosely following this game for a while.

The comments are by and large almost entirely negative for this on Steam at the moment, even beyond it being early access :frowning: I’ve been burned a lot lately on games that I looked forward to on Steam, and bought without checking the forums. The steam forums are about as accurate as I’ve found anywhere on the web, much more accurate than even Metacritic. So I’ll hold off for now :frowning:

Oh and it is not a ripoff of Stonehearth, anymore than 1 FPS is a ripoff of another FPS, or a platformer vs a platformer, etc.


Either that, or every game out there is a ripoff of a game that came out beforehand. And in this case every video game ever created is indirectly a ripoff of “Tennis for Two” :wink:


well, the initial “release” was plagued with a host of bugs, which would be forgivable, given the alpha stage of development… but the basic controls were (and still are, as far as im aware) just atrocious, and non-intuitive…

and the development pace is painfully slow at best… i still have high hopes for this project and the development team, as they all seem like really good guys… i think this project is just (unfortunately) poorly managed…

and with that, i think we can safely close this one down as well… :wink:

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