FolkTale (Early Acces Game)

There is a little game in early acces that I would like to share with you!
Since you are here for stonehearth I bet you like townmanaging games!
This game is one of its kind! It has town managing and rpg elements in it (you can give your wee lil soldiers items!)

It’s called FolkTale !
this is the website of the developers, you can find dev blogs here

It’s an awesome game but unfortunately only the tutorial is implemented!
They are planning on releasing sandbox mode this week (dev update on the steam forum 50 min ago) and it looks awesome!

Check it out! :smiley:


The developers are very communicative like radiant is! :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention they have a world creator and a customizer so you can create your own villagers and stuff! It’s really really worth the look!

I remember seeing this before… was there a KS campaign for it perhaps?

certainly looks much more polished than the first time I saw it though… :+1:

There has been a kickstarter for it yes!
I did a quick search on here on the name and nothing popped up,
if what I’m doing is indeed reposting then you know what to do!

Back on topic!

I bought it and the tutorial is pretty fun!
They are revamping the whole UI and building is now free instead of building slots on the map!
ALot of improvements!
Some models are also revamped and I just like the way you can add items on basic soldiers!

I saw sips play it. I liked Age of Empires and stuff a lot but I feel as if this would not fill that void

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Hey, @Newf isn’t complaining about someone posting a new game! Hallelujah!


Then try to play it as something new and different, and not something that is trying to fill that void :slight_smile: Btw AoE is coming to mobile platforms isn’t it? ^^

I saw what happened to Dungeon Keeper…I don’t even bother hoping…

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Fair enough… too bad it isn’t done by steam, their HD version is great!

I have seen it.
I loved it.
My wallet didn’t :frowning:

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it’s horrible…

This is the second time my childhood has been raped, pillaged and burnt…

I think i need to vomit :frowning:

So before this thread gets kidnapped by the horror of big publishing companies…

Here’s the latest dev blog for Folk Tale!


thanks for the rerailment (?) @Ghost… and the reminder… will take a closer look at the title this week… :+1:

Hey… they do video dev blogs! Why doesn’t Team Radiant do that, @sdee? :smile:

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At a guess, time consumption. We already know of Tom’s war with xSplit, I can’t imagine it would be a simple process :wink:


Yeah, we’re just used to writing. To me, editing video is a huge task, and I feel like I can’t just do it ‘off the cuff’. I realize that every year it gets easier, though. Maybe one day it will feel as natural as hitting backspace!


but there is such untapped potential here… i can see the taglines now… :smile:

  • Radiant in the Raw
  • Radiant Unplugged
  • Radiant After Dark

And then for their past times…

Radiant’s Entertainment!

I’ll leave.


I guess that’s just it, right? My vision of video is either a.) just leave a webcam on 24/7 so you can hear us talking to ourselves or b.) create something more polished than we have time for. :wink:

…I wonder how long it will take before schools stop assigning “papers” and just start assigning “videos”?

Sorry, getting way off topic now. :wink: