Is "Community Inc." plagiarizing "Stonehearth"?

Hi guys,
i’m one of the backers of your kickstarter campaign (quite a long time ago :smiley: ), and today i’ve happened to come across this video of the game “Community Inc.” (Community Inc Announcement Trailer).
Well, am i the only one that sees some (if not almost all) ideas from Stonehearth?

From what I see the only “same ideas” is the fact that its a settlement game. Almost nothing else from that video is similar other than the basic concept of settlements


Looks like a cute game, and I’m sure it takes some of its inspiration from the same places Stonehearth does. But it does look different, and when more information comes out, it seems like it will play a little different too. And even if they were more similar, unless they’ve stolen code or art there’s not much you could do.

I for one hope it sets itself apart and becomes a nice little game.

I’ve been following Community Inc since before it was Community Inc. Yes, it has a decent amount of similarities to Stonehearth, but I can say there’s just as many between Stonehearth and Rimworld, Stonehearth and Minecraft, and half a dozen others. Now back when they first started (can’t remember their original name), before they completely changed directions, it was a god game. Now…it’s more like Castle Story than anything.

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There are many colony survival games out there and Stonehearth is not even close of being first in the genre, nor is it original. It may be the first I have seen that is based on voxels, but I’m not sure if even.that’s true, as there was also “The Game of Dwarves”.

Stonehearth is just one of many games of its kind. A good on, for sure, but not original enough to call others out for"stealing ideas", which are essentially genre tropes.


Thanks guys for your opinions, i think you’re right.
I might have overreacted as i have seen some similarities, but after a better evaluation i’ve come to the same conclusion as you have stated. There are plenty of games that follow the same ideas as Stonehearth, but i hope to have bet on the winning horse :smiley:

There was another one, Timber and Stone I believe. I know Timber and Stone didn’t make it though. Towns is another one that didn’t make it too.

Id say stonehearth took more inspiration from Dwarf Fortress, after all rimworld is practically entirely different to stonehearth. Id also argue Stonehearth is too much like minecraft due to detail, but thats just my opinion. As for the new game,it doesnt really have any parrallels, there isnt even proper custom buildings