StoneHearth's Reddit add is being flooded by people saying "MINECRAFT CLONE"


Hello fellow StoneHearth fans,

I wanted to just say that the StoneHearth Reddit add is being flooded with totally ignorant people saying “Minecraft Texture Pack” “Minecraft 1.6” “Minecraft Clone” while they probably didn’t even click the kickstarter since I don’t know how you could possibly think that, the voxels are similar but overall even the graphics look a lot different.

If you have a Reddit account, maybe downvote the people who’re trying to convince others that StoneHearth is a clone.


i’m having a hard time taking reddit seriously. these are obviously trolls


I generally try to avoid Reddit because of that. It takes way too long to sort through all the inappropriate posts to find what you’re looking for.


I love Reddit, every community has bandwagoning problems and ignorant people. On an add that’s always worse.
Default subs are worse too, but in general Reddit can be a lot of fun, especially in smaller subs like /r/MechanicalKeyboards, /r/trueminecraft, etc.
And even some default subs are pretty fun (except for bandwagoning issues, as with every bigger community), once a thread gets more attention some trolling gets filtered out.

@SharpKris I really hope it’s trolling actually.

BTW, It looks like a lot of the trolls have been downvoted away :slight_smile: Good job.


I may only be able to up/downvote each comment once, but by god I enacted my power like there was no tomorrow.


I just ignore things like that. Some people always look for the negativity. Just ignore it, because in a few months they will be playing the game with us anyway.


I hope :slight_smile:

But when I just posted this it was only negative comments and I kind of wanted to save their add since if people see “clone” with upvotes they’ll assume it really is a clone.


It’s so funny to me how many people commenting on this game have absolutely no clue that dwarf fortress exists.


Any game using Voxels will eventually be compared to minecraft just like any game of fantasy town building will be compared to Dwarf Fortress.

The main difference between Stonehearth and minecraft is the player focus:
In minecraft you play a single character RPG style. ie. You PUSH the actions on the environment.
In Stonehearth you will control the environment and let your little people do the work. ie. You PULL the actors to a location.
They both use Voxels.


thats pretty much the extent of the similarities… in my mind anyways… :wink:


do we care? hell no.

in fact, i want another of clone of Dungeon Keeper, Master of Magic, Master of Orion & Sim City.


Looks like you guys stomped on those comments pretty good; they all show up as ‘below the rating threshold’ to me. I generally avoid Reddit anyway, and this isn’t encouraging me at any rate.



ahh Sim City that beautiful old city building game masterpiece. Too bad Maxis and EA didn’t nurture and let it grow the right way, instead they pumped it full of drugs we can barely see the original.

Some months ago there was a kickstarter for a full mod capable sim city style game; Civitas. It was cancelled. I think because comments started coming that it was a scam and the author closed it, he did have material and work on it.


Seriously… people on the internet love to be inflammatory. Don’t take them seriously.

People love to post the classic “iOS is better than Android”, or “Bronies are G@y” etc. They want you to argue. DONT!

You should pity them, the people that post these comments, and the people that feed the fire.Then you should BAN them… Or down vote them or whatever makes you feel better. What ever you do Do not join the argument! ^-^

As long as you do that they will go away soon enough.


@wraithbone Unfortunately, trolls can take a legitimate conversation and twist into something it’s not… whether you participate in their idiocy or not. I had that happen to me when I had to discuss a legal matter with a company rep on a forum because there was no other way for me to discuss it. I was winning the argument against the company and then the rep began to rial up the trolls. I was then forced to give up because of mob tactics. It never ceases to amaze me how brave one can be while protected by their anonymity. :wink:


Reddit is pretty good for keeping up with stuff, but then I mostly browse the front page or r/finalfantasy r/3DS r/games r/gamedeals the smaller focussed subreddits tend to be pretty amicable, and can make you aware of a lot of stuff you would perhaps miss - but yer, steer clear of the majority of comments.


The reason why they are saying this is because when taking a first glance at it, most people immediately think “Minecraft” (I know I did). There was also one of those “promoted link” things on Reddit that links to the Stonehearth kickstarter, and for me it showed up on /r/Minecraft.

(it won’t let me post pictures, so

I had to do a double take to realize that Stonehearth was not a Minecraft clone. Most redditors probably didn’t look at the game before posting “M1N3CR4FT CL0N3”. I will not lie, the terrain does look a tiny bit like Minecraft’s.


I think it’s very hard to escape that link when they both use voxels, but then the same could be said for Timber and Stone and Castle Story.

But, I think Stonehearth looks much cleaner than Minecraft; the visual stylings do not make the game, and Stonehearth will be a completely different experience to Minecraft.


Indeed, like I said we don’t say games using a lot of polygons are similar, so people shouldn’t use voxels = minecraft.

Anyways, for the Reddit haters: there are a lot of amazing subreddits and I love Reddit for keeping up with the news.
/r/games, /r/MechanicalKeyboards, /r/minecraft(? trueminecraft is better but TINY) /r/technology etc are subs I love.


in fact the one that appeal to me is the graphic of stonehearth & the cuteness factor too, cant well describe it, but stonehearth just attractive to me.