Cube World website up!

I know this has nothing to do with Stonehearth really, but I realize a lot of people here might also be interested in Cube World, another indie game. I actually found Stonehearth through so …

Anyway, I just thought you guys should know that the / website is up! The game is not out and the usernames are all going to be deleted, but I recommend anyone interested in Cube World to sign up so Wollay (developer of Cube World - with his wife of course) can test the website!

w00t for indie games!

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wow, he sure took his sweet time in transitioning to this site… :smiley:

i wonder if he will still maintain the blog site?

edit: wow, he has quite a bit of new information there as well…

I am excited for both certainly. I think it said he will still post updates on the blog steve.

It is really nice he laid out all the future stuff hes trying to put in as well.

Its gotta be right around the corner of being put up if they are starting to focus on things like this. I’m kind of excited for Cube World also.

you’re probably correct…

and we’re planning to release an alpha version for Windows PC soon.

it still amazes me that this is basically a one man show (although his wife did join the effort last year?)…

Yes, she did. She is more of an artist than coding developer, though. Her user is pixxie.

According to the webpage he does coding game design and music/sound effects and she does coding game designing and art soooo… i think you are wrong :wink:

I had my eyes on Cube World for a few months, but had missed the new homepage completely, thanks for that :smile:

Unless the alpha will be ridiculously expensive I will pick it up and play around with it! I played so much WoW before, and I remember the feeling when exploring a new area for the first time back in vanilla. Watching the movies almost makes those feelings come back to life again…

My gaming equation does not look good now. Too much to do, even more that I want to do, and so little time…

I desperately need Cubeworld as well ^^

i spent some time reading their fairly lengthy game description page (lots of good details in there)… im particularly intrigued by the quest system they have in mind… im not expecting anything robust, but i think its a nice direction towards letting players actually find an area they like in-game, and “live” there for a while, completing the daily quests…

That would be pretty hilarious. You guys kept throwing money at the screen to make me go faster, so I am charging 200 dollars per alpha lol

If anyone missed it they are renaming the game to something other than cube world so hes looking for a good game name. If you buy the alpha for lower price you get the beta and the final game as part of that cost. Also when asked about release date he said “I don’t want to give an estimate, because some things just take longer than expected and I hate working under pressure. But currently everything is looking good; there are just minor features missing for a release. :)”

What? Did not understand the hilarious part… ^^

Interesting that they are renaming it, he has said a few times that he’d probably keep the working name. But the reason could be copyright/trademark issues or any other reason. Hope it ends up well, there is more space for blocky games in our gaming world :slight_smile:

Let’s combine CW and SH into the most complex and unique MMO game in history, where some people build cities and others explore the world. Picking up player made quests and doing trading/crafting in the cities, evolving with them, and finding other players there to go fighting the undead faction together… Haha, I’ll kickstart that concept any day :slight_smile:
(oh wait, maybe that is what we’ll get in SH with all updates and mods!)

@Darken_rahl I might miss the part on the page… but where can you still pay something so you could get access to alpha or beta? I just migth be quite blind though…

i hope i’m wrong, but i dont believe its an option just yet… i think Wolly was just describing the tiers, when they are eventually available…

Well, hope it is as you say… I not want to join twitter so I did not ask … at least I could not post without being prompted to login.

steve is right the alpha isn’t out yet, they just said if you bought the alpha it will be cheaper than if you wait for the beta or full release.

Cube-World is a fine game, but recently I have lost interest in the game.

that is a much more clear post @Darken_rahl :smile_cat:

for those who arent aware, there are a few youtube folks (InTheLittleWood, Dave Chaos, and others in the Yogscast family i’m sure) who are uploading alpha content fairly regularly…some are streaming as well… good stuff if you are interested! :smiley:

also of note, i just had to delete a thread that was linking to an executable file…

please note - do not provide links to questionable and potentially illegal content… that will result in banning from the forums…

ok, enough of the unpleasantness… go watch some of those videos!