Playing Cube World Multiplayer (Anyone's Welcome)

I now have a Cube World server going. If anyone wants to connect, grab a couple friends and PM me to get it running.

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Is it capped at 4 or did you do the thingy ma bob to get like 64 at once?

was fun for the 20 minutes i was connected! the mobs were a bit too tough for me, with you being level 20+ and me a meager level 3… :wink:

will have to join again, and perhaps next time get some team speak going… :+1:

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Steve we need to get a game going, me and you, holding hands and stuff.


@Geoffers747 sounds good to me, joffers. Let’s get this going whenever you guys are ready.

@warstories yes it’s capped at 4. I hadn’t even heard that you could raise it to 64 or whatever.

If you want to start playing, just PM me and I’ll get you my IP.

indeed we do… but i am at my wits end with this machine… it’s really chugging…

desperately need to get my new rig… le sigh

I’ve got it going right now, if you guys want to jump in.
And @SteveAdamo I am no longer using my lvl 15 mage… Instead, I’ve got my lvl 3 ranger going.
btw… Chicken Nugger

EDIT going to eat… give me 45 minutes and all will be well again.

I am currently doing the British thing and watching the tennis … so … might be on in a bit!

I know that feel - really need to sort out getting a new machine.

yeah, i got the green light from the wifey (probably because she’s getting a new MDX :tongue:)…

I’m back! anyone who wants to play can connect.

@SteveAdamo Would you kindly start up a teamspeak/mumble server? Whatever floats your boat.

i would, but it seems mumble is free for the client, but paid for the server… :cry:

surely there is a free alternative out there? i guess we can take this back to our PM as well…

well, that’s quite the scrotum-esque dilemma.

May I play?
It seems I have also bought the cube worlds game.
And now murray has finally won something and the sun has gone in a bit I would like cause cubey ranger mayhem with you chaps

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Anyone is welcome to play if they want to. Just PM me for an invite.

There is a game going atm. PM me if you want to play!

Come on, he won the US open didn’t he?!

A lot better than bloody Henman.

True, “Tiger Tim” eh

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@SteveAdamo There is a service called raidcall there you can make free “groups” Which are private voice calls.

Also for the life of me I can not find the PM button.

I’m ready to play if anyone is ready.

I’m online now, if anyone wants to play.