Cube World ---Help Please!

Hello all. I have a question about Cube World. When I click the button to sign up for the website so I may purchase the game it says the server is down. Does anybody know why it does this? I really want to play this fantastic looking game.
Thank you.

I guess it might be due to DDOS-Attacks on the servers around evening/night in Europe… which is around now with having it past 9pm over here :wink:

There should be a newspost on the main page around that issue.

They claim that the page was victim to some denial-of-service attacks and therefore the option to register was de-activated. You will have to wait until it is up again, if you want to buy the game.

Any idea how long it might take for this to get over with?
And again thank you guys for replying to me.

Nobody knows…

I guess until we have it morning or such…

Here is the message:

Our server is getting attacked by denial-of-service (DoS) attacks on a regular basis. The attacks usually occur in the evening and at night (European time).
Because of that we have to disable user registrations and the shop from time to time, and you will get the message about ‘Server Maintenance’.
We will try to find a solution as soon as possible.

this link is a good place to check for news, and this link will show you when the shop and registration process are operational…


The game looks interesting, how much is it?

$20 US… and well worth every penny… this gains you access to the alpha, which evolves into the beta and final release client (with all updates free during the process)…

when things start to settle, the questing system is slated to get more content (speculation from the masses)

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Indeed it’s an amazing game. And like @SteveAdamo said, there are many more things to come. The ones I’m looking for are certainly more world content like places and lore and the dynamic quests :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve been playing it with my brother since the alpha launched and it has been awesome.

With that on a hand, Stonehearth on the other and Dwarf Fortress for crazy days nostalgia, I might be found dead by starvation before my computer screen soon :stuck_out_tongue:

it has indeed… i attempted my first castle run last night… the mobs were all on level with my character, so i felt i had a fighting chance… made it to the boss, but unfortunately had run out of potions by that time (only brought about 15-20 with me, so that was my mistake)…

loads of fun though, as i was just lazily roaming the landscape, when i stumble across the massive castle… but again, with my PC really showing its age, i know i’m not getting the full experience…

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Cleared my first Castle not long ago… I felt nearly superior as I was running through the mobs… with occasional fleeing to drink a potion more while the mages and archers had no line of hurting-the-poor-rogue ^^

For in between battles, I gulp down food, not potions, helps a lot in saving them to the point where I can not create any more of them and heartflowers get hard to pick up as well ^^;


they are the bane of my cube world existence… but it seems wollay is going to introduce some “accidental” misfires for enemy mages and rogues, as now they can basically nail you every time (unless you’re behind an obstacle)…

excellent advice… i would have followed this tactic if i wasnt so high from the castle-raid rush… :smile:

@SteveAdamo I have to say… I am not overly lucky with my Rogue… I just can not get the stealth-stuff right. I just see no use in it… standing in one spot and the moment I begin to move… Stealth gone…

Otherwise… the thing with the food I found out the hard way. It is not good to be used in a fight as eating means sitting down and eating in contrast to picking a potion and running away while the red goodness is flowing down the throat ^^

Fortunately my pc runs it quite well :slight_smile: I actually had to limit fps down to 60 because it was overheating - you guys should try that as well until wollay adds fps limit to the options :wink:

And mob difficulty is quite relative, yes. I’ve been slain by many blue foes and also managed to kill many red ones, depends on their type I guess. I have a lot of trouble with casters and beetles

Until level 3 or 4 it feels like you’re always weaker than everything but after these levels your survivability seems to get more balanced. I suppose quests will cover these levels since missions (the current quests) are theoritically harder.

We cleared a jungle temple yesterday, it was damn awesome :slight_smile:

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it certainly is… which is part of the “charm”… :smile:

i remember the first Biter i came across… i thought “he’s only blue, and i have my trusty pet to help off-load some of the damage… let’s do this!

needless to say i narrowly escaped that run-in… those guys throw punches faster than @Geoffers747 scarfs down the free food in our breakroom!


Once you get all of your combat skills opened up to you, you should ABSOLUTELY put a lot of points into hang gliding. After I put about 10 points into hang gliding, I was able to zoom across the map more than twice as fast as I had been before that.


Hang gliding and boats are great, yes :slight_smile: It’s lovely to cut across an ocean region on my trusty vessel :slight_smile:

But I must say that my best “world adventure” so far was climbing one of these “rocks” places that appear on the landscape. (Really huge, blocky mountains)

It was the first mission my brother and I tried, but the climbing was the best part. We had absolutely no skill point on climbing yet and a lot of the walls ends on hangs so we had to do a lot of dangerous jumps and go around the face of the mountain. It’s somehow difficult to explain, one of these unique experiences that after the first time it gets common and you don’t even notice but… woah, that first climbing was really cool.
It’s been a long time since I had so much fun with my brother :slight_smile: (And his GF was watching the whole thing, we’re now trying to convince her to play :wink: )

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no, you captured it adequately… :smile:

and for what it’s worth, i still feel the fear/rush when climbing the rock walls… perhaps its because i havent spent the points necessary for a glider just yet… :tongue:

Meanwhile, as we all wallow in the mires of n00b-osity, there are people out there who have discovered every exploit and glitch that the game has to offer in its current form, people who have power-leveled to level 2000+ in under 40 hours.