Remember Cube World?

Does anyone remember Cube World? That wonderful voxel game with so much potential and so much hype?

After being quiet for so long wol_lay has exploded with tweets about the game. Literally daily tweets, big progress, big changes, etc.

I’m literally ecstatic, over the moon really.

Wol_lay’s twitter: Wolfram von Funck (@wol_lay) | Twitter


Here’s hoping he doesn’t run out of steam again. :slight_smile:


he’s actually been working on it “behind the scenes” ever since he disappeared, but the quests were harder to implement then he originally thought, thus he didn’t have anything worthwhile to show the public*… i also did a really terrible job explaining that…

*at least thats what i read…


This should help: Despite 23 Months Without Updates, Cube World Devs Say Game Isn't Dead

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yep, thats the gist of what i was referring to.

I was very hyped when it came out a long time ago, but I didn’t play it much. Since a lot of things were about to change I wanted to hold back on the full exploration of the game. I was satisfied with knowing all basic things, like crafting, upgrading, mining, etc. So I held myself back while waiting for some real updates… and I guess I’m still waiting :wink:

I was also shocked when the tweets started coming, because I was kind of expecting it to be dead… but I still had a little hope (I still followed wol_lay on Twitter and Youtube for example). And when we look at the answers in that kotaku article, this might mean that a new update is just around the corner (since he apparently didn’t want to show unfinished things).

The small glimse of hope has slowly evolved to something else… not a hype, but something is slowly building up again :blush:

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Oooooooh!, that made my day! Actually, that made my month! (Which has like… A week left…)

I have a weird connection with voxel games…(StoneHearth, RoboCraft, Trove, Minecraft, Cube World… And i think there’s more)
And Cube World was undoubtedly my favorite of the bunch(until SH was a thing to me)
Trove is great, but i still consider Cube World better

I’m so exited to finally see The devs again and i can’t wait to jump into the game as soon as it gets updated!



Well, when it first came out being like Cube World but having better developers was its greatest selling point, at least on the Cube World Forum.

I’ve been glued to Wollay’s twitter feed for the past few weeks… what fan hasn’t? :smile:

can’t wait till the next release! :+1:


I tried buying it long ago but I was too late. I look forward to it being sold again!


One of the sad stories of gaming. Very fun game and very screwy developer. I check the site and his twitter periodically and he does claim to be working on the game but never puts out updates for people who paid for the game. It boggles the mind how someone can be so poor at communication and so unwilling to publish updates for people who love the game - if he is actually working on it.

It’s been what? 2 years or so now since he last released something. It’d be amazing if he did release some thing but there’s no point in being too overly hopeful.

Trove seemed like it was going to be kind of like Cube World without the suck of Wollay but IMO it’s not really the same, and I’d rather host for friends than play MMO style, and I can’t stand Trion’s F2P. I loved Rift but once Rift went F2P everything Trion has done since has been garbage and horrid F2P trash.

That’s a really bad excuse. People thought for two years that they ran off with the money they received and there was no word of them that they were working on it at all. Good that they came back, but it’s weird nonetheless. Praised be Radiant for their very communicative developing.

Edit: Just noticed this thread was kinda old.

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This was indeed an old thread, but since the status for that game hasn’t changed I guess this thread is still relevant.

I just had to check some dates…
First YouTube video on Wollay’s channel: June 2011.
Twitter activity and plans on release (“within the next few months”): December 2011.
I shared a video to a friend in March 2013 (“Multiplayer Adventures”).
I bought the alpha in July 2013, and played it for some time, but not too much since I knew a lot of things were about to change.
Twitter and video updates came now and then for a year, but no game updates as you know.
Last official update in June 2014 it seems?
Updates in October 2015 and almost daily updates for weeks
Current status (March 2016), still updates, but monthly

I don’t know the official story. And not the unofficial either… But I don’t think he ever intended things to play out like it has :wink:

Regardless if some people played it for 100 hours and feel like the got value for the money, it’s still a failed project and I can’t blame those who feel deceived. I paid for and supported an unfinished game that would get updates and improvements. But that’s the risk when buying an alpha :blush:

But in either way, if the game will be re-released (with an update) I will surely play it!


This news story is a warning for Team Radiant. :grin: