Video Games That Have Disappointed You

Yes, I know these “Question” Threads are getting boring, but I have nothing better to do.

Also, this Thread used to be about Games that we thought were overhyped, but now it’s also about Games that we disliked or disappointed us, regardless of hype.

Has there ever a Game or Games that you got caught up in the Hype, and you waited patiently to get Early-Access or to Purchase the Game, only to find out that it was a pile of crap? Or are you a person who also got caught up in the Hype about a Game, but your Hype seemed to vanish after a single or String of Events?

Or how about a game that you got your hands on, but you found out it sucked ass, regardless of Hype?

Well, I was incredibly hyped about this Game called Castle Story. We all know where this is going. So yeah, I didn’t back it, but atleast my Friend had Early-Access. I played the game, and it was not a pretty sight. The Controls sucked ass, it got a little boring after a while, and it was littered with Bugs, but I got around it. But after a lack of Updates and absolutely no progress made whatsoever and some other stuff like the Community being unreliable and unorganized, as well as other stuff, my faith in the Developers and Community was shattered and all of the remaining Hype vanished for me.

It’s a shame because the Game had so much potential, but the Game just failed in so many ways.

So, fire away. Share your Experience with Games that did not live up to the Hype.

Nope. I tend to avoid buying games unless it’s part of a bundle so that if it isn’t that good I can just move on. The biggest case would probably be Hotline Miami, I got it through a humble bundle so no real loss but I just wasn’t able to get into it, it just never seemed like that great of a game to me.

Well… there was a Indie game called sinking simulator, small game. It was still really fun.
But then one of the developers promised too much stuff, didn’t keep the promises, screwed over the other dev, got sued, and then they just kind of imploded…
Though i have to say, for $5 it was really entertaining.

If i say Planetside 2 (which i currently still play, and enjoy playing to a certain degree) would you understand why?

All those promised things, and no progress has been made by SOE to do anything other than take all of our money and hoard it. two years of dev time, and not a single new content that changes the gameplay at all, it is the same old meatgrinder with no purpose over and over again. The only redeeming quality is my gaming community, which wrecks face on ground, and in air. The flight of the Skywhales, the march of the Penguin Incubators!

Also, most of the Free to play games on steam that i’ve played fit into this category, being very unsubtle about the money grubbing they do. Having money marketplaces i’m fine with, but being a total snob about it is completely out of the question

I also am glad that i didn’t back Castle Story, as no real progress has been made, and what has happened is mainly not impressive enough to draw me in. A great concept, but very clunky controls made it impossible to understand in some aspects, atleast for me.

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Uh huh, I would’ve added Cube World to my original Post along Castle Story, but I practically had the same experience with Cube World as with Castle Story. No Updates, no Progress, etc. But the real difference was that I never backed or played CW, but I’ve played CS.


this was my first “kickstarter hype phail”… honestly though, it was in fact my first campaign, so I was filled with irrational exuberance… :smile:

lesson learned!


Really? I think it’s well deserved here. :smile:

Hmm Cube World is still being updated thou, you can see here: Wolfram von Funck (@wol_lay) | Twitter. It is just very slow, plus he’s got a lot of copy cat developers now which must be a disincentive.

Anyway, I have a long history of disappointing games. Pretty much every game I’ve played from Peter Molyneux… Black & White, Godus (still actively disappointing 98% of the internet). Spore was a real let down compared with the hype. Diablo 3 was a bad purchase, I don’t know anyone from the Diablo 2 days that thought it was good. Shadowrun Returns still makes me want to flipthetable. Was really pumped for Dragon Age II and then rage quit in less than 5 minutes (which I bought on Steam yet is somehow gone from the Steam Store?). WAR was pretty bad, only made its situation worse because it was founded on hype (I’ll admit I had an unreasonable bit of schadenfreude towards WAR).

Just yesterday I was disappointed in Wildstar, but I suppose I didn’t expect anything of it nor did I pay for it, so I don’t know if that counts.

I’d like to think I am buying less terrible games with all this experience, but I don’t know if that is true. My Early Access purchases have slowed down.


I think no thread like this can exist without mentioning the biggest flop of 2013.

Total War: ROME 2

The hype for that game was massive, boosted by raliepoint and facebook updates, not to mention how it looked like the CA was going to incorporate ideas from the community.

I think the 2 September was the happiest and the saddest day of my entire year. Happy when the game finally was done downloading and installing and saddest about one hour into the game.

This was not worthy the name of a full release, it was nothing but a beta at best. Bugs, glitches, balancing problems, the list goes on. And to follow that up was some free DLC’s and a bunch of very costly ones.

Today they are slowly clawing themselves up from the pit that was created on the second of September.
I will think very hard about pre-ordering anything from the Creative Assembly or Sega again


Well, I saw an ad for a game called Trove which is a total rip-off of Cube World, aside from the Minecraft aspects.

Hm… games that didn’t live up to the hype. Well, first thing that pops to mind is SimCity, (I bought it after the server fiasco, so no worries there) but it was fun for a few days and then just felt repetitive. All I can say is that I’m glad they finally added singleplayer.


[quote=“Roughshod, post:8, topic:6341”]
Anyway, I have a long history of disappointing games. Pretty much every game I’ve played from Peter Molyneux… Black & White, Godus (still actively disappointing 98% of the internet). Spore was a real let down compared with the hype. Diablo 3 was a bad purchase, I don’t know anyone from the Diablo 2 days that thought it was good.[/quote]
I’ll just quote this since I was gonna mention all those (except for godus, never believed in that game from the start, I learned my lesson!) plus a few others like stalker etc.

As for Cubeworld, the game is still being developed, so I don’t think it is really fair to decide already that it did not live up to the hype when it is not yet released…
Some devs update after every little thing they change, some only update every other month and some never bother with alpha and early beta releases at all.
Starcitizen for instance (the $45million+ game) initially wanted to release the DFM / Arena Commander Module in december last year, but it was released only a few days ago, almost 6 months later.

But then again every person has his own idea of hype. When I get hyped up about a game, it is for the prospective finished game, not whether the dev updates his alpha build every week or whether he uses a nice headset for live streams.
Getting access to pre-release versions of a game is a privilege imo, a peek preview, nothing more and shouldn’t be used to decide the worth of a game (except for obvious reasons like for Duke Nukem Forever, the guy who decided to use that name was a genius).


The new Sim City, so much promiss. I have made a pack to never buy EA again, maybe I miss a good one, but the joy of knowing I never got screwed by them again, priceless.

Also Orcs Must die, brought it, but I kept getting a graphics error, I contacted the dev about a fix the response was one line of priceless PR:

"We are well aware that systems with your build are having trouble, and have no plans to fix the cause of the error, and there is no workaround."
Robot Entertainment.
I was also informed that refunds were not given and that it was my job to find out if there were any known bugs that would pop up on my system before I brought it. So was born the second company I will never buy from again.

Why is there so many people being disappointed in games in early alpha/access? That is the meaning of the concept for gods sake. it is a free way for the developers to discover bugs. They don’t promise the game to be perfect at that point.

also about castle story:

Rome TW 2 was not to bad. but it was the wrest of all the TW games lol. i LOVE Medieval II total war!

absolutely agreed… but there comes a point where a certain level of progress needs to be realized…

in the case of CastleStory, they are quickly approaching 2 years of development work, and the game is in essentially the same state its been in since the original prototype…

as for the recent update, there were some interesting additions (new gameplay modes), and lots of neat UI updates… but the game simply seems to be missing something… i dont know if its the atrocious controls that are still in place, or the lack of new building mechanics, character types, mobs, etc. but i am just really surprised at the development pace for that team…


The problem is that Kickstarter has made way for a quite large amount of smaller developers which results in a slower progress in the games because of smaller teams for sometimes quite big games. And if i remember correctly they had some quite big technical problems at some point which set them quite a bit back. I am just happy that they hasn’t run out of money as a few other kickstarter game have at this point in development.

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Ah, CastleStory, a game that I’ve sadly backed. Kickstarter in '11, promised delivery in '12 and now, in '14, we get a “dev update” once every three months depicting how nice their new, bigger office is. No real progress on anything - they’ve hired lots of people to… I’m not sure what they are actually doing. Would ask for a refund if possible, it’s deeply disappointing.

We’re not talking “alpha” or “early access” in Castle Story’s case anymore. They’ve announced the Beta for October 2012 and they are still not over that phase yet. In fact, I would dare say that they have, from a enduser point of view, rarely made progress at all.

This isn’t about “early access” anymore. Early access was two years ago. It’s one of the dangers of these kind of things: What exactly assures you that the game will ever be finished? The developer has your money already in any case and no real obligation to finish his product. Castle Story might be one of the first games to proof that.

Not really true, as they’ve done lots of re-balancing and adding stuff (the most obvious one being the lattice system - you can’t deny that this was a pretty big change).

For good reasons though. If you compare the presentations years before the release by Wright, you see stuff like "Let’s communicate with these fine people on this planet by MUSIC and LASER SHOWS - oh, they’re firing on us, retreat! Let’s show them a real weapon. A massive energy beam emits from the ship, heading towards the planet. After a few seconds, a little mushroom cloud emerges along with an explosion where the city was.

*Five seconds later, the *whole goddamn planet explodes into a billion small pieces.

That was epic. That was the game I would have liked to play, for some reason. The final space stage was… just no. No. No spice trade. No babysitting my own planets.

Hah, the SimCity release. Brilliant. Also, got me a free Mass Effect 3. It’s also the reason I’m not going to buy anything from EA ever again (there was a humble bundle some time ago with lots of EA games including Sims that I bought - all of my $1 went to the Humble Bundle guys, however). Sims 4 looks rather promising I must admit, but I will definitely not buy it anytime soon - I’ve seen the direction they were heading with Sims 3 and I must say that Sims 4 must be rather… horrible if they continue this trend.

Stonehearth. No not really, I my list of played games is rather short. Godus was probably the biggest disappointment for me. It just looked so great but when I got it… Awful.

In my opinion the reason for Cube World’s partial demise was due to three parties: Wollay, Cubeworldforum, and the community. Wollay didn’t keep us near as updated as he should, and in turn the community overreacted and a large group of people began to hate Cube World. Then of course the forum was destroyed, when it was a huge source of publicity to the game. I was never bored. No gaming marathons for me but every so often I just feel like playing again and I just enjoy the experience.


The amount of games you backed is countless. So one more or less is no problem :smile:

I only kickstarted Stonehearth and Planetary Annihilation. Both live up to the hype. Although for stonehearth we still need to see it, but I got already over 100 hours of fun out of it, so even if it was cancelled right now it was still worth the 30$.

Games that did not live up the hype? hmm. Maybe Endless Legends. I got hyped when I saw it. But now I just forget about it and wait for it to be released. Lack of interesting gameplay to keep me long entertained.

Ah yea, and Simcity. But I did not bought it gladly.

Ah yes, Godus. If I ever was hyped about it, I would surely put it on my original Post because of how terrible it is. I mean, that Game bombed, but again, I never believed in it from the start. Lucky me.

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