What have you played this year?

With the end of the year soon upon us and Stonehearth’s preview release too, I thought now would be a good time to find out what other people have been playing this year to pass the time. So I thought rather than just simply saying what your top 5 games of the year were, instead I have 5 categories and you decide which game you have played best fits into each category it doesn’t have to be a game which only released this year, but any game that you have played this year.

So first of all, what game have you played this year which you felt had the best story that had you really immersed?

Which game was the biggest surprise a game you played which you didn’t expect to like or play this year, but found you really enjoyed it?

Which game was your biggest disappointment a game you really wanted to enjoy or had high hopes for but found it had just let you down?

Which game did you play which you felt was the most innovative and introduced you to new features you hadn’t experienced before?

and finally of course what was you favourite game of the year?

Feel free to add the same game to multiple categories if you think it fits and don’t worry about trying to think of a game for every category just share what you have. This may provide people with some ideas and suggestions on what to pick up during the sales.

re played ff7, 8 and 9… i thought bioshock infinite was amazing!
played resi 5,6 and revelations. another awesome set of games…

those are the only games that made any real impact on me this year tbh.

of course i played plenty of minecraft :wink:

Fable I. Fantastic game.

Voltz pack for minecraft. All I can think of. I started playing it cause my buddy told me to join his server. Turned out to be super cool when doing nuclear warfare.

TheHunter… this game has great graphics, tracking system, and is all around a great game. but you have to spend upwards of 60$ just to actually get a decent experience and continue spending money. really was disappointing

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Which game did you play which you felt was the most innovative and introduced you to new features you hadn’t experienced before?

Either Fable I or Shogun 2. although neither are very strong in this area.

Fable I. hands down. (there’s other games that are better but I’ve had them since before this year.) Fable I had such a great story and combat system. It’s graphics really weren’t terrible and some of which were better than the newer versions of Fable. The movement animation was awesome actually. Making a turn was extremely smooth and better than the other Fables. YOU COULD ACTUALLY USE ARMOR. as opposed to the other Fables…

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I guess I shall throw in my own choices

Best story for me has to go to The Witcher 2 didn’t expect to play this but it was a great deal on steam and I thought it was great, a little short but the way the game forces you to make hard decisions and ones with no clear good or bad outcome was very well done

Biggest surprise for me was hearthstone recently got into the beta and am really enjoying it despite never playing any sort of game like it before and never thought I would.

Biggest disappointment goes to Rome 2 total war was expecting so much from the game but it was missing some key features and felt different from the older games that I liked much better, also I had some serious problems with it at release and had to wait for multiple patches before I even considered it playable.

The most innovative to me was natural selection 2 played this really early on in the year and it was great so different from your usual FPS with 2 very different teams and so many new mechanics you don’t get in other games, which made it so much more fun I actually think it deserves much more appreciation than it got.

Finally my favourite game of the year is Planetside 2 this is such an enjoyable game due to it huge scale whilst still being graphically impressive in no other game do you get battles that can have hundreds of people all fighting on a continent with plenty of vehicles thrown in, I would definitely recommend this and better yet its free to play.