Modding Website

Hi Guys;
I’m thinking about creating a website for all the modding people so that they can upload and update their own mod. Other users can then easily see what mods are available in one place.
What do you guys think of this?
I’ve been designing the layout of the website so that I can go straight into building it tomorrow however I’m stuck on 2 sections, the sections with the ‘?’ in. What should I put there?
Picture of the layout
If you guys want to know more about how it will work then just ask.


No offense but its already been disscussed at length:

and a little bit:


I like the layout you have came up with ;), looks very professional.

I always struggled with design, I can’t add much here…

Overall the modding community is just now seeming to ramp up a bit, I’d advise doing this as a labor of love and seeing what happens. As the modding community grows I can see something along these lines coming into play. But there could be competition with Stream WorkShop, and websites like Curse. I do believe this game has potential for a large modding community similar to Minecraft’s story.

As I said, do it as a labor of love, if your service is good and there is demand people will come.

One piece of advice, I would suggest trying to match you efforts with Stonehearth’s release on Steam, I don’t know when this will be, perhaps sometime after the next alpha release. At this point there should be an influx of new players and modders. That’s when something along these lines could become more relevant.

Thank you for your consideration towards the community, best luck with your work :wink:


A general comment about website design: don’t try so hard to find content. Just leave those sections out completely if there’s nothing relevant to put there.

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Looks, nice, but I’d scrap the “what is SH / what is this site / what are mods?” bit. It’s a dedicated site for hosting mods: people will likely already know what the game is, what the site’s for, and what mods are. Instead, get some actual mods there instead - eg staff picks, most popular, etc.

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Great Idea. I will definitely take this into consideration.