Project Phoenix - Kickstarter Campaign

Well this is certainly ticking all the boxes. It sounds pretty impressive, and they have some big big names working on it. It’s also Nobuo Uematsu’s first indie game!

Looks pretty awesome to me!

“Project Phoenix is a JRPG with a squad based RTS game design, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from the East and West.”

[url] Kickstarter Link [/url]

looks interesting ^^

wow, this reminds me of those films that come out from time to time with about a hundred famous actors and actresses all sharing the spotlight… :smile:

this is quite the impressive collection of talent… will be watching this one for sure… thanks! :+1:

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Aye… clearly looks interesting throws in $25 and with even 28 days to go they have double the amount they want

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With this amount of interest in 2 days I would be surprised if they didn’t get near that $1million mark. They’ve certainly got a great formula there.

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i really want to see some in-game footage… but im definitely sold from what i’ve read/seen/heard…

Oh definitely, it’s got everything it needs to be absolutely fantastic.

I hope it smashes the kickstarter goals just to see what the maximum it can achieve is really.

WOW thanks for pointing this out to ,I am for sure gunna back when they ad pay pal support!

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Dat Aussy Japanese accent <3 (On a more serious note, looks promising. Although as @SteveAdamo said, there are a lot big names working on this. If films are anything to go by, any clash of personality could ruin this game’s development. I hope that doesn’t happen.) Also, <3 dwarf model

good grief… broke half a million yesterday, 5 days into the campaign! :moneybag:

edit: still hoping to see some more concept art and/or early prototype footage…

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Nobuo Uematsu will only be composing the main theme, and if the KS goal is reached, a few more main themes.

I backed, not sure if I will like the game, but I love the people behind it.
(not exact quotes)
“We aren’t going with Nintendo because they are super strict and don’t like indie developers”
“The problem with modern day JRPGs is they cater to the Otaku. Take for example “Moe” culture in Japan, otakus want there desires translated into games, big breasts, big eyes, revealing clothes. We aren’t doing that. We are looking back to when things were more balanced.”

Ect. I have high hopes for this. Not sure if I like the idea of one hit death combat, but I’m down for something new.

To me, the game looks pretty sweet, and I’ve got high hopes as well. As for questions with compatibilty (I am surprised that I actually got an answer from the dev team, very happy about that), they plan on releasing it through steam, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

EDIT: Just saw the final stretch: a production with Eminence = HOLY FEJSKN!

Watches half of the Kickstarter video still no gameplay footage

No thanks xD. I guess I’ll see how it comes out and possibly buy it if it turns out okay+.

yeah, thats my only hesitation… the cast and crew are top notch, no doubt about that…

i just get a bit gunshy where there is so little to be shown, even in the way of concept art… :cry:

Hrmm, you guys do have an excellent point, and I do hope that we get to see some early footage soon, but that’s not enough for me to back out of this one. I didn’t really see much more than a short 4-5 minute clip of settlers building the same thing, but hey, I’m here now, aren’t I?

Even if I don’t end up liking the game, I love the director.

Another great quote I just read

“I hate DLC,” Yura replies, his angry tone backing up his words. “I believe in giving a full game that people can explore. There might even be extra stuff like the cow level from Diablo, things like that. My staff is saying that I need to change my thinking towards DLC, because people don’t think like this anymore, but I really feel that when people buy a game they get the full game and more. Saying ‘oh, we have an extra skin or an extra storyline which is very short, but we want money for it,’ I think that’s really not right. It doesn’t sit well with me.”

this pique my interest, but like others without an Alpha or playable build or any proof of a gameplay i refrain from pledging this.

Today’s Kickstarter and Paypal total

Kickstarter $581,169
Paypal $4,134

Total $585,303

Gameplay update coming soon… (hopefully)

We’re preparing a video on gameplay and we think we might be able to release it on Monday. We don’t really know yet for sure, as we may just look at it after the edit and squirm and whinge… but we promise you to do our best since this is the most important update as we need to address the most important issue, what will it be like?

New headers

New headers have been updated on the main page and you’d be able to checkout awesome chibi drawings by Asami Hagiwara (Artist to be announced soon!). If you keep on checking within the next few days… something might happen!?

  • Please note that these styles, although cute and awesome will not be used for the game.

An official wiki page opens!

We’ve partnered with the fantastic folks at and our official wiki has opened at the link below. Check it out!

Sylrianah themed Wallpaper

Since we are preparing for a largeish update and also working on several promotional activities, we couldn’t really get you a nice chunky update today. So we decided to release some wallpapers of Princess Sylrianah so won’t rage over the tiny update. We’re sorry!

It’s only in two sizes for now, but we will definitely listen to requests of other wallpaper sizes. You can download them from the link below:


This is a copy-paste of Dev Update #7, so hopefully this will alleviate your fears!


Same. Cause I really reeaallly want it to reach that 1.025 mil stretch goal. I want’s me an overworld. Either way they get my 20. :smiley:

thanks for the updaet @ManOfRet! cant wait to see this footage on monday… :smile: