Kickstarter - LIGHT FALL

attention platformer fans… you’re welcome:smile:


An imaginative platformer set in the strange world of Numbra, a land shrouded in darkness. For PC and Mac (Linux, Consoles TBA)


I love the art style, but honestly, I’m tired of everyone and their mom doing a 2d platformer. But at least it’s not pixel art too…


I will see you in hell


I liked the look of this game til I met the developer, what a dough bag. Just from the video you can sense it in him, I love the game but don’t like the developer. What makes me mad even more is the studio doesn’t even need the money for the project.

i gotta agree with you @Feashrind

I thought it was all tongue-in-check… no?

hmm… what makes you say that? is Bishop Games a big study?

It seems like a nice enough game. But I couldn’t ever back it.

That video does everything a KickStarter video shouldn’t do:

  • Narrator attempting to be funny but just being annoying
  • IRL video smaller than the frame size
  • Text insertion over video that does not help the video’s point
But you do have to give them credit. At least the IRL video isn’t in portrait, and they did have gameplay footage - as well as a pretty nice-looking game. Not a nice-looking video presentation overall, however, at least to me.
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Take for instance their Kickstarter goal, I know for a fact it would take way more money than what they’re asking for to get this game off the ground. More than likely they’ve already had some interests from investors. They’re more than likely just trying to make some extra cash and offer benefits to the people that do offer them money .


hahaha… filing that image away for future use… :smile: :+1:

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Is this not the same as pre-ordering for AAA companies before Kickstarter was really even known about? You know, back when all games had to be played off of disks. Anyway, I get how this could look bad, but at the same time, from a marketing aspect, I can see the flip side of it.

Say they have investors, and all their bills are paid, wouldn’t a little extra bonus maybe speed things up? What if they’re using that kickstarter money to pay the investors their percentages back, that way they have full profit rights (as much as they can anyway)? Honestly, when it comes to money, greed is the first thing to be blamed, when really that money isn’t our business on how it’s being managed.