Kickstarter: You Are Not The Hero

here’s another kickstarter campaign folks… but this one is a bit more special…

one of our own is the developer! :+1:

it seems @Donn launched his campaign earlier today… head on over and take a look… best of luck @Donn! :smiley:


Wow. This looks pretty cool. The idea is fresh and interesting and the character design artwork looks really cool. Most Kickstarter games get me interested, but then I just end up walking away in the end. I’m seriously considering backing this one.

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The artwork and gameplay reminds me a ton of the Alundra games back on the Playstation–which is a huge deal to me. It shares a bunch of the same concepts–sprites, puzzle-solving, platforming… it almost felt like a Zelda rival to me that never got the attention it deserved (and I say that with highest regards to both franchises). I just wish there was more than two games to the series…

…plus, TRAIN. Put a train in a game, you get points from me.

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Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support! I’m glad you guys are intrigued, I think the hardest part about making this game so far was making it presentable to a big audience. It’s so easy to mess up a presentation (right Xbox One?) so I spent a lot of time doing this.

Hopefully it’ll catch on! If you guys are a part of other communities I would really appreciate it if you can spread the word~


ugh. I’m still practically broke and now I have two kicksarter games I want to get. Why do I visit the Stonehearth forums.


It looks pretty good to me, I’ll have to consider it carefully though as I primarily use a mac and google confirms that porting them to windows can take a fair bit of work (using wine/wineskin seems to be the method). I can see why you might have issues with rpgmakerness though, if you’re paying attention and know the default stuff decently well the whole thing reeks of it, although it’s completely understandable as doing several character sprites and a fair few tilesets would be quite difficult.

Ah man I’d forgotten about Alundra! That game really freaked me out when I played it. Plus I found it infuriatingly difficult … Was such a good game though!

@Donn I will have a full look at it later, but you’ve definitely interested me! I might just have to spread the Kickstarter love … :smile:

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I swear, I’ve never faced harder “sliding block/ice” puzzles. @Donn, might we get lucky enough to get to watch a scene where the heroes are faced with one of these hellish puzzles? And Petula just goes and grabs some of the normal, non-sliding boxes from elsewhere RIGHT IN THE SAME DUNGEON to solve it in half the time?

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Thanks guys!
@Xavion wineskin will most likely be the method of choice when porting to mac, though I still have to make sure its viable and legal with RPG Maker. If we’re able to pass our initial funding, one of the first stretch goals will be an overhaul of the RTP graphics.

@Geoffers747 That’s a great idea, I love it! I’ll make sure to keep that one in mind haha.
edit: I meant @Atralane, not Geoffers sorry >_<

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I really like the sound of it! I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it’s something I’d actually play and thus fund.

But the whole concept intrigues me. ESPECIALLY the fact that combat plays a minor role.

congratulations @Donn on the attention you’re generating! i saw this mentioned elsewhere on KS… :+1:

The game looks awesome, and that artwork is ah-mazing!

congrats on reaching the funding level :confetti_ball: :balloon:


A Day Inside of a Giant Blue Slime n.n
This game looks really cool, here’s to your game’s success

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Thanks guys for all of the support! I would say the biggest downer now though, is that I no longer have time to watch livestreams of stonehearth, HLD and all of the other awesome games T_T

@Donn It seems that kotaku also did an article on the game An RPG Where You're A Random NPC, i believe its quite a popular game blog. At least i read it often.

Also congrats on reaching your goal!

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It might have been the worst week to realize that, it looks like we’ve got a planned livestream both today and tomorrow…

(Your sacrifice will not be in vain!!)

Last week I uploaded a public demo if you guys are still interested!
Once the campaign is over I’d like to give the first two chapters an overhaul as well, with some emphasis on the dialogue ;x You may experience a few framerate drops in some key actiony parts, the code there isn’t optimized.

You Are Not The Hero Demo Update

excellent! you are doing a fine job sir (mam, sir, mam, i don’t know what to think anymore O~o )

The game seems like it’s on the right track, based on the fact that it has gained more money than the developers needed. I also like how the game’s main character is not a generic, cookie-cutter, hero. Instead, you play as a bystander. I also like how the ‘heroes’ in the game are really the villains.