Kickstarter - Fight The Dragon

ok, this time it actually has been a while since i’ve posted a new campaign:smile:

im loving the idea and visuals behind this title, and i must have that construction kit… must. have.

Explore, Battle & Loot in this epic hack’n slash action RPG, or create & share your own Adventures like a true Dungeon Master of old!


Man oh man did I love Cubemen, and this game looks quite good. Since its from the same developer, I might consider it.

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:open_mouth: It’s going to have co-op? I can’t keep supporting these Kickstarters they’re all so damned creative lately. I suppose if I cut out some other games from my budget I can donate :). It’s a shame Call of Gear: Battlefield Killzone looked really good.

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Not if I get it first! It’s mine! growls

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it is indeed … a couple of modes, if I’m not mistaken…

Hey everyone! Thanks for your kind words re Cubemen and Fight The Dragon.

Yes, we have local drop in split screen co-op as well as up to 4 player online co-op.

We are also planning a death match colosseum down the line where you’ll be able to pit your levelled up character against other players characters for fame and glory!

We’d really appreciate any help you can offer in spreading the word about our campaign.

Also, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask away. I’m happy to share.

Thanks very much.


you are more than welcome… i hope we’ve sent a few pledges your way… and best of luck on the campaign! :+1:

I will be backing this at HERO tier very, very soon… :wink: And you might see a give-away on here… as you get two copies now. :wink:

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