Dungeonforge - D&D style RPG with a great editor, letting you be a DM

Hello everybody. I don’t want to be that guy who advertises other games willy nilly, but here it is.

I’m not gonna type out all the information as it is already typed up much better than I could manage elsewhere. Instead, I’ll post a couple links or so to information. If it looks good to you guys, please feel free to click on the lowest link and help it with some funding that it needs to continue. I have great hopes for this game, and hopefully you all like what you see. :slight_smile:

The above three links should give some great info on the game. The kickstarter and first link share most of the same info, though one or the other may hold a little more for you. If you have any questions you should be able to find information around google or on those links someplace. I honestly don’t know any more than what’s posted. The game used to have a site, but it seems like its down for one reason or another. Anyways, here’s the funding link. Thanks for reading this far!


Don’t worry. The guy who advertises other games willy nilly, helps us out sometimes, forces us to obey him, and rules the forum with an iron fist, is a man named @SteveAdamo.

But in all seriousness, the game seems kind of interesting but it’s not my cup of tea.


I can see the appeal for sure, and the idea of creating your own dungeons and worlds to share is a great one that I enjoy on a monthly basis.

I’m curious how it stacks up to the Neverwinter Nights 1/2, and Skyrim story editors. Those are both pretty powerful, and It would take something really special for me to become really interested in something else.

You may be able to keep a lookout on the indiegogo donation page. I’ve requested for some information from him about combat and anything else he can discuss with us. Hopefully he’ll respond soon, and maybe when he does that could answer some questions you may have. Sorry that I’m not much help.

I may need to look into this further

Wow, looks awesome!That intro really wanted me to go outside though。

As great as this game sounds I don’t think it’ll happen. He’s made two failed kickstarters and his indiegogo isn’t gogoing so well. And he’s lowered his standards everytime. From 300k, to 60k, to 4k.

Well, his Kickstarter failed and I highly doubt that the IndieGoGo Campaign will help the game get funded.

Even though the kickstarters have failed the team has been working on it anyways. That lighting system as well as various 20+ hour story lines around each character have been made. They’ve kept going on and to making the game, and even if the funding doesnt make it I’m sure they’ll keep going forward to finish it up the best they can. They’ve shown their dedication despite all odds, even being separated by time zones and the ocean, so why not give it a little push?

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Two things, one, It’s not my cup of tea. Two, I just loaned my last $100 to a family member.

It looks nice, but the impression I get is of a glorified map editor with a game tacked on :stuck_out_tongue: .