Kickstarter - Epic Manager (Heroes management Sim)

Hi guys.

Recently i’ve become a backer of the project Epic Manager.
It’s a game about having your own agency with a roster of heroes to send them on quests to gain fame, loot, experience and vice versa.

Basically a soccor management game but than with a RPG twist.
Check out the trailer.


@SteveAdamo already mentioned it here :slight_smile:
But it is cool you found it too.

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Ah darn I checked the forum to be sure there wasn’t any xD.
Thanks for the headsup!

Still a good way to see the name of the kickstarter project through the forum! :>

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no worries… as my thread was about a collection of games, having a dedicated thread for a KS game is fine with me! :smiley:

speaking of EM, I need to revisit the campaign… :+1:


Hey guys!

Frank from ManaVoid Entertainement here.

Wanted to take the time to thank you for spreading the word about the game. It’s a big help!

Come visit our LIVE Kickstarter page. (It’s pretty cool, if I say so myself)

We’re closing in on 600 backers and more than 44% of the funds! Come join us, we’re very active on the comments, we reply to everyone, and we post regular updates.

Did you know? The SHOVEL KNIGHT has joined Epic Manager as a playable class… amazing!

And we are yet to reveal some other big news about fantastic collaborators. :smile:


hey there Frank… welcome aboard! :smile:

glad we could send some traffic your way, and we certainly wish you the best on the campaign… i was very impressed with my first pass of the game last week… and i’m even more so now! :+1:

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Thanks Steve!

Always good to hear. :smile:

Pledge if you can, share if you care… and remember to vote for us on SteamGreenlight

/End of shameless PR :wink:

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bah, we applaud shameless promotional efforts! :smile: :clap:

greenlight vote cast

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Thanks dude. :smile:

Then, could I possibly get the rights to post a couple of promo images for the game? :wink:

in this thread? by all means, post away! we use this category (Other Games) to primarily show support for other indie titles (often Kickstarter campaigns)…

edit: oh, wait… you mean you don’t have the ability (yet) to post images… yes, that is a side effect of the Discourses baked in policies… but just link to some images, and I can update your post for you… :+1:

edit #2: I updated your status (to “member”), so you should be able to post images now…

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More of the good stuff on our KICKSTARTER PAGE (

Questions, comments?

Please ask! :smile:

Voted a big YES on Steam Greenlight and will be backing at least at the $25 dollar level next week after I get paid. This looks great! My son and I are avid fantasy/stratagy/rpg gamers (both tabletop and pc) and this looks like something we would both be extremely interested in.


Well, good sir, consider yourself officially thanked :smile:

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