New Kickstarter project - Terminus


I thought I’d be the first one to post this one up. This one looks pretty cool. I think this is how I’m going to do my game shopping from now on.

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added a category for this… here’s a link to the campaign page, for those that are curious… :smile:


Requesting name change of Stonehearth Discourse to Kickstarter Games Discourse


… sorry?


was jokes :heart: didn’t even see you made a kickstarter category you smart devil


oh, sorry! :smile:

yes, i believe that was one of the first categories that radiant put in place, but it’s really reserved for threads pertaining to their KS campaign, as opposed to campaigns in general… hence, the change of topics here to GD… :wink:


you sly sly fox :baby_chick:


for those of you who are curious where the “idea” came from here’s a documentary similar to the game


Well that was a fairly interesting documentary.

The kickstarter looks reasonable as well but I’m not sure if I’ll get it, with the exception of Stonehearth I tend to be fairly picky in my games. I’ve got no idea how Stonehearth even got me to get it really, I think it might’ve been the modding but I still pledged more than I normally would.


Well 5 $ (eh CAD that is) for a game is a good bargain no matter how you look at it.
And there never was a real good Outpost successor, so - well if one likes that sorta game - and I do, then backing this is quite a low risk with a potential high reward.

So yeah I went and backed this also … should stop looking at kickstarters lol