Kickstarter - RimWorld

just when i think i’m free, i get pulled right back in! i’ve watched the campaign video twice now, and i think im hooked… the storyteller piece is most intriguing… :wink:

A sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller.

oh well, it’s only money! right? right!? :cry:


Thanks Steve, now another game to look forward to next year :slight_smile: Must stop following these links.

Looks good might be something I keep an eye on, its actually a similar idea to another game I recently saw but with a different style called Maia which also involves setting up a space colony.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this one, I keep seeing it everywhere. Then again, I’ve been frequenting a lot of indie game sites lately. I’ve been playing Prison Architect like hell, so perhaps this would be a good project to back.

or, in November, depending on your pledge level… :smile:

yup, it seems the developer of this project has been in touch with the PA folks, given that he “borrowed” from their art style pretty heavily… they are ok with it, as the intent is to being on an artist for a unique style, once funded…

Well, I would say yes… but I’m overloaded as is! I’ve got Stonehearth coming up, along with, hmm… let’s see… oh, yeah, I’ve also got Stonehearth, Stonehearth, Stonehearth, Titanfall, Stonehearth, Watch Dogs, Stonehearth, Starbound, about a trillion other games, aaaaand… oh, have I forgotten to mention Stonehearth as well? I do really want to play that one, don’t see how I could have undermentioned it. Hmm.

If you’ll excuse me, I must properly spam this link everywhere.

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Fun idea, I’ll probably buy it. Maybe. If I ever buy another game once Stonehearth comes out of course. I like how there are several of these games in development now. This is a great genre, nice to see it start to hit full throttle.

He’s got some interesting ideas here - I’m really on the fence whether to back it to the level of getting those prototype games as well…

I want to know whats happening to Steve, alll this money spending is getting to his head…

Fully agree, great genre, beens a long time since we the last good one. Game looks also very interesting. I actually like the artstyle, hope he does not change it too much.
I only backed 2 kickstarters so far. So maybe that will be 3.

aye… much like SH, i like the AI component (monitoring the game and adjusting accordingly)… i also like how involved he’s getting with the units psychology… and the module approach to content seems like a great idea…

i cant help myself, its an addiction! i havent pledged yet… but the temptress, she is a callin!

Here is some gameplay

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yup, i think that just pushed me over the “pledge-edge”… im coining that phrase, by the way… :smile:

edit: oh, nice… here’s another clip to watch! :+1:

edit #2: and another… looks like quite a few popping up, actually…

I may have accidentally pledged for this…

Kickstarter! Why must you hurt my wallet like this?!?!?

i know, it’s painful… quick, run some cover for me!

slams down his pledge :moneybag:

Once you start pledging to games on Kickstarter it becomes very addicting. In the past week alone I pledged to Shantae, Hyper Light Drifter, Cosmic Star Heroine and RimWorld. They all look pretty amazing _

Raggin’ fraggin’…

I may be looking forward to that game as much, if not more than Stonehearth. I mean, come on, how can you NOT?

Im not, I didnt back it

i am really excited about Hyper Light, but it scratches a very different itch than SH… i see HLD as a (more often than not) quick 10-15 minute play session to have some good old school fun…

whereas i see SH filling the “i have 3 magical free hours, and intend to fill them with voxels”… :smile:

SH being the more “substantial” experience… purely subjective mind you! :wink:

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