Kickstarter - Midora

i don’t know if its the GoG summer sale, that has brought forth a host of (cheap) nostalgia purchases, or that i’m just yearning for a nice Zelda-esque throwback… but this campaign caught my eye… :eyes:


Journey through unforgiving dungeons in this 90’s inspired action-adventure, where a young hero rises to prevent a war of the elements.

lovely pixel-art 2D adventure, with crafting, mining, enchanting, etc. sign me up! :smile:


Ignore it, @EpicDwarf. The more you don’t pay attention to it, the less you’ll have the urge to back it.

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The graphics and design look incredibly similar to the Minish Cap on GBA. Loved that game.

While that’s a great thing for me, I’ve found myself with a backlog of games recently, plus I already have 4 kickstarters to look forward to as well in the future. And let’s not even mention the upcoming titles revealed at E3…

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Did anyone here support Midora? I did and the devs have been silent for a long time… But apparently there’ll be a big announcement tomorrow.

Made me realise how lucky we are as Stonehearth fans to have devs who give us 1 update + 2 streams every week!

I wasn’t able to support it, but as you can see above, I did hear about it. I’m interested to know what the announcement coming up is and how the game is progressing.

for some reason, I didn’t back this one… scratches his head

it stinks that the development has been so quiet, but im glad to hear you’ll be getting an update soon! :smile: :+1: