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Phoenix Dawn

Phoenix Dawn is a role-playing adventure game set in a world filled with magic and mysteries. Grab your wand and discover its secrets.

i am not necessarily a big fan of iOS games, but with a PC stretch goal, i may be onboard… absolutely love the “low poly” art style… and the overall magic mechanics seem interesting! might just be worth a closer look… :+1:

edit: quick follow-up… i really like this developer (ET), and his very open and honest commentary on the development process he is facing… always nice to see enthusiastic indie developers following their passion!

plus, he has setup a Discourse to comment on and follow the games progress… :smile: :+1:


Looks quite interesting. Not sure it’s interesting enough to back mind you, but who knows, if it gets made I may find myself picking it up on Steam or w/e :slight_smile: .

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yeah, i am definitely on the fence myself…

but i really love the visual style, and again, this developer really impressed me with his very open conversation style (there are a few additional videos on the campaign page if you are interested)…


Wow buddy, thank you so much for the kind words and shout out to Phoenix Dawn. Made my day. :slight_smile:


PS: I especially love any community that uses Discourse. Big fan :slight_smile:

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well… you are quite welcome… and welcome aboard! :smile:

all the best on your campaign! here’s hoping you get a big surge underway! :smiley: :+1:

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I’ll raise a glass to that. Cheers! :slight_smile:


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I especially love any developer who cares enough about his fans to communicate with them individually, even on forums for other games.

Great job on the game, it looks amazing so far.


Thank you for the kind words @Dwalus <3

hey there @erictrowbridge… so you are well into the mid-campaign doldrums… :wink:

here’s hoping things pick up steam soon! have you given any thought to new pledge levels, to fill some of the current “gaps”? perhaps something at the $20 , $50 and $150 levels?

i’m sure it will be difficult finding the right offering at those levels, but the more options for folks to contribute, the better! :+1:

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Aw yes, I knew it was coming, the dreaded “mid project slow down”. :smiley:

I purposefully left them open for wiggle room, but I am still at a lose of what to offer at those levels.

I’m thinking about doing “Spell Design” for 150, help design a spell that will be in the game. I’m already offering a lot of physical rewards, so I don’t want to get too carried away there…

Thanks for noticing! Maybe I’ll spend some time tomorrow going through some more projects and see what they’ve done… unless @SteveAdamo you have any advice? :smiley:

ideas? sure! good ideas? well, that’s debatable… :smile:

I would definitely try to stay away from any additional physical goods though… too much overhead/management involved… :confounded:

but just tossing out some items that are fairly common on other campaigns, you could consider:

  • social media “icon packs”
  • HD wallpapers
  • digital soundtrack
  • digital art-book
  • (as you suggested) “design a …” spell, NPC, creature, etc.

you could also have some “buddy tiers”, where folks can pledge for 2x beta access, etc.


@steveadamo - You sir, are amazing. Love love love love…

The only things @SteveAdamo Steve gets is love. It’s the way the world works.

This game does look interesting visually though. I’m not really sure i like the idea of an in depth game on a IOS though, As IOS games are usually made to be something you can pick up at any time, i’m not sure what your plans are, but from what I see, I would be sitting down with my kindle or something plugged in to play it, probably in my home. I did listen to the trailer while writing this, so I might have missed some things. I’m still very interested, though i’m not often one to back things. Depending on how it turns out, and if it makes it to steam, or I need something to play for a long trip, This would probably end up being my go to.


Yes, please make these.

Also, keep in mind the LG G2 screen resolution when making one. (If you do) I saw your wallpapers on Behance and I was disappointed they were only 1080 pixels tall.

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I don’t think these made the cut, but @erictrowbridge did add three new tiers! and it looks like the game has had some good press… good luck! :smiley:


An average of over $62 per backer is quite impressive.

@SteveAdamo Oh well, at least I have a desktop background


If this thing is funded, you can have any wallpaper in any size that you want! :smiley:

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There is a good chance Friday that I will be announcing that 33K will secure iOS/PC/Mac.

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. I have those devices personally, so it’s easy for me to develop to. The other platforms I would need to buy hardware, so I think it’s fair to make them the stretch goal, and bring some love to the desktops. :wink:

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well, being the PC enthusiast that I am, this sounds great! :+1:

but I would hate for you to feel pressured and inadvertently overpromise… I know this goes without saying (wait for it… i’m gonna say it anyways!), but stick with your vision and what you know you can deliver… that’s not to say you shouldn’t go for it, however, if you feel you have the means… :smile:

looking forward to your AMA… hopefully this will drive some new blood to the campaign!

edit: come on… four days and 10k to go… I hope he can pull this off!

it looks like @erictrowbridge has been cranking out the campaign updates… :smiley: :+1:

edit #2: he did it! he pulled it off, and the campaign is funded (and then some)! congratulations @erictrowbridge, and best of luck on your adventure! :smile: :+1:

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