Kickstarter - Epic Everything: Real-Time CCG

ok folks… the gorgeous art style caught my eye first and foremost… watching the campaign video now…

the momentum they have is impressive… interesting gameplay mechanics here… overall, this looks promising!

Epic Everything: Real-Time Collectible Card Game

A real-time collectible card game packed with adventure and strategy. Build unique decks, think fast, and seize victory!


I am starting to wonder if you post these just to annoy me…


I do it to enlighten the masses…

but mostly to annoy you


dont copy games please. i play hearthstone, and you guys can play it for free. this is little bit different but same idea. i dont like copy from something fabulous game. just saying bro.

hearthstone wasnt the first of its kind though…


oh. i didn’t knew that. but still. i’m just saying. i dont like copys. i mean that, if i play hearthstone “oh okay this is pretty good” then come game what are almost just like a hearthstone. i know you understand what i mean.

then there would hardly ever be a game, movie, book, painting or song ever created again … :smile:

all the various mediums draw inspiration from and share similar qualities to others in their genre… it’s unavoidable

in the case of this game, it’s a CCG, and by the definition of that type of game will many similar features to games like Hearthstone (and the countless other CCG games out there)…

what we have to hope for is that this developer is going to bring something unique to the table… and the fast pace feature seems to be one of those things (or at least, it’s new to me)… :smile:


well i once played games similar to hearthstone, yet they came out earlier and were made by indie devs just for fun and were free to play. then along came hearthstone and because of its popularity the others got shunned for being the “same”. they are no longer around. i know this one is not from “the time before” hearthstone, but dont “shun” it just because its similar… just saying…

edit: @SteveAdamo has some good points also :blush:


In a way every single game out there has a copy. Call of duty has Battlefield or as close to clone . MineCraft has things like Cubeworld, Well actually I could list about 100 clones of minecraft. Heck there’s even similar games to Stonehearth! All it comes down to really is people seeing a game and seeing it playing out differently and putting a twist and making it there own game. As Steve said, If people didn’t go for there own idea’s there would be such a small amount of variety out there. Sometimes you play a game and say why would you do that? Or a game would destroy there own idea’s and that’s where variety is needed.

Epic Everything: Real-Time CCG, looks like a good game. not my type of game but still looks great. I don’t see to many similarity’s to hearthstone but then again I never played it to much!

Anyway to much writing must stop! :wink:


story of my life…


[quote=“Stoneheartfan, post:10, topic:11850”]
MineCraft has things like Cubeworld,
[/quote] @Stoneheartfan really? have you ever played cube world? as someone who owns the game i beg to differ…

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You have a good point. I kinda saw it in the same category as design of the world. They are truly different games. I should have used a better example such as creativerse.

But yeah in game play they have nothing similar or very little. I shall use better examples next time! point taken haha! :wink:

hey just saying guys. i mean that. hearthstone idea. destroy your enemy, use brains, be strategy. get new cards, use cards.
but in music or book like you said @SteveAdamo music. only same thing is that it’s a music. but all inside that music is different. book is the same thing. you know what i mean. people want something new. now smilar to anything. like a game but it’s like music, genre is same but all inside is different. ye it’s pretty hard to get idea to like that game :smiley: but ye u know what i mean. :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing magic the gathering for hundreds of years now and didn’t see anything really new in hearthstone compared to mtg. I actually found mojangs “scrolls” that came out at the same time more innovative with its use of the terrain and those totem thingies.

But I really don’t care…providers hate competition, but as customers we should welcome it, even if it’s a complete clone. MTG is a good example in that regard; they took years to bring us an online version and when they did, it was bad as hell, but when competition started appearing suddenly MTG online started getting better too…


sometimes it seems like competition is what refines a game and pushes the devs to work harder on it…

edit: @petrustolli ah yes i get what you mean now, its just that i get so… annoyed… when someone calls a game a copy of another when it is just another in its genre…

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I must disagree with you here. In some markets, particularly the mobile gaming market, many games are such complete clones of each other that it keeps popular and potentially great developers from making anything worthy of being played. I mean, look how many Clash of Clans copies there are. I kid you not, there are dozens of games with nearly identical GUIs and units and only minor changes to each clone. If only producers would stop creating blatant ripoffs, mobile gaming may one day be somewhere near PC gaming.


You just described every single trading card game ever made…

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As enlightening as that discussion was…
I still say every game ever is a Pong  <a href=">clone. (and Pong itself is literally basically a clone of Table Tennis on the Magnavox Odyssey.)
…maybe we ought to get back on topic.

It’s good to see good kickstarter presentations, rare as they may be. You have to love this game for its title, if nothing else. But the everything else seems pretty epic too,


That’s cause it’s an alliterative name. That always sounds good :smiley_cat: