Stonehearth Collectible card game

Ok guys, I have thought up a great idea a CCG mod for stonehearth! That’s right a CCG inside stonehearth. Now in order to start your journey into the CCG world you would have to build a “Nerds House” (name could be changed) and then get a citizen to be a nerd by giving them glasses (soooo styro-typical I know) and then you could start playing the CCG. Now this would kind of be like another game aspect, it pauses time outside of the CCG and old be like magic the gathering or something like that! As you won more games you would get more card decks to “buy” with nerd coins (name could be changed) and there would be commons uncommons, Rares, epics, and legendarys (not necessarily in that order) Now before we get too far ahead of ourselves I need some people, about 2 artists and a coder. If you want to be a artist post a card that could be used in the CCG (in a picture by qubicle) and a coder will be chosen at random if you aren’t good you will get booted! So, do you like this? Or does it seem to suck? Well we will see!

hey there @Rekragamm:smiley:

first, some punctuation here would be nice, as i had a hard time following your intentions… second, and forgive my ignorance here but… CCG?

Lol at first I thought the same thing and by the way if you mean you don’t know what CCG mean it means collectible card game. Nw if you we saying “what the hell is this doing in stonehearth” then I thought the same thing at first I was like “this has nothing to do with stonehearth” then I’m like, “I could make this fun” and from there it just kinda got bigger I wanted to do it more. So he I am today doing it. Also sorry about the punctuation on my iPad on summer holiday!

ahhh… right, ok then… sorry for the confusion! you might want to take a look at this thread, as there could be some intermingling of ideas?

Soo then anyone wanna join in? (XD no one is coming!)

In general I like the idea of collecting things in Stonehearth. Colors is already great, but if you have some additional things to find… even better.

While CCG are interesting… how do you plan to play in Stonehearth? I.e. do you want to allow a game against someone else (multiplayer), or against an AI?

Alrighty time for some important like questions.

  1. What would be the reward for playing?
  2. Why have a separate currency for them?
  3. What could you do to help make the mod?
  4. Why is it worth doing in-game?
  5. CCGs are complex, what kind of rules would you want?

Answer those 5 and I’ll be able to give proper feedback as currently it seems kinda sparse and poorly defined.

Both once I get it up and working but there will also be a AI

sprry about not explaining it much that’s not my stong point but anyway I will awenser your questions

  1. The reward for playing would be getting more cards and gold and resources will be won!

  2. Well I see your point but well… If you liked the CCG but wasted all of your gold on it you would be done but I might just make it the normal currency

  3. I’m ok at making voxel creations and I could help with the other artists and stuff and I could learn some code

  4. For this why would you have it? Why would you have ANY mod? To have more fun I think CCGS are awesome and so is stonehearth so why the hell not?

  5. Ok as for the rules it would be like as isaid magic the gather where a creature would be a 1/1 (1 health 1 attack etc.) he would be different creatures spells and stuff like that now if you mean what would you do to limit it you old have mana to summon creatures more powerful more cost the rules will be implemented soon trust me I’m working on it!

Thanks for getting this stuff out of me it will make people (hopefully) more interested!

Oh and also your settlers can find cards randomly in the world sometimes! And I’m on summer holiday so i cant do vowel creations now

I’m sorry but surely this mod would have to be called Hearthstone! Surely! :smile:

lol I thought the same thing too at first I’m like this is totally hearthstone but trust m, it’d not!

So it will make the game revolve around this mod? or would it be some kind of supplementary thing? Just thinking stonehearth is a city builder/rts and this could possibly make it not one.

If anybody has seen/played Evoland, perhaps do the cards like that. So collectible during gameplay and then just a minigame you can play during the game. I thought that looked really cool and I know had I bought the game, it would have been something I would have played a lot.

That’s exactly what I have been thinking finally some one understands! It would not be a massive thing that would not make stonehearth something it isn’t just something to make it a tad different!

hello :slight_smile: I’m pretty new here but i read your thread and i thought something could be nice it would be that at some point of the game your settlers can build something like an arena with two side for each player and on the ground in the side of each players you will have the socket to put your cards on the ground and then when they are “summoned” the monster spawn over the card the rules i’m thinking is the ones for magic the gathering… so the player on the bottom of the arena and the goal it’s to destroy the tower of the ennemy or something like that witch have 20 life point… could be nice in pvp !
i would like to see a match like that it would be nice to see them spawn and battle against other monster like… haha another thing could be nice the cards can be the monster you have in stonehearth… example you defeat a gobling since it’s a common monster you have 30% chance that he drop is card a titan 1% :smiley: well it’s just some idea like that or you can create the monsters in magic it could be nice but dont know if wizard of the coast would like that lol.

sincerely Gorenum.

Are you suggesting the cards actually kind of fight, as in Yugioh? Because whilst cool, that suddenly adds a ton of work. :grimacing:

actually yes!! i know all the work it’s adds but i don’t know… while you play in a multiplayer server and you hear that will have an encounter at the arena could be fun :blush: i dont know if the style would be good in this game though… i thought like in minecraft you could actually go to the arena take a seat and watch the match… for this it could be fun if you can take “possession” of one of your settlers and actually go to the arena lol could be fun! i learn some animation but it start to be far from now on and i am learning quibicle cause i have my own mod in mind thought…

Interesting idea it would add a lot of work but would make it more interesting I think I’m gonna stick with my idea and if you ever wanna come aboard welcome aboard!