Let's found raise Stonehearth 2

Of course it will not be named “Stonehearth 2”! But it will be it’s better version, the same game fixed to run smoothly with all the improvement that ACE brought, and some others things.

I’ll totally stand behind a project like this and support a new game.

Sorry for bad english, it’s not my primary language.


And today in this that will never happen…

You realize the 1st one was never finished and will probably never be finished, right?

Well, the fact that the first one isn’t finished doesn’t mean that someone can’t start making a new one. And like I’ve said in the post, it wouldn’t be Stonehearth 2. It will be a new game, carrying the torch of this one.


I kinda like the idea. Although, who would carry the legacy of this game though? The original team has already been disbanded and employed in various companies. If there is someone willing to create their own and make this game again but better, then I’m willing to fund it and I think the fan of this game would as well. But as of right now, aside from ACE team which seems to run with 2 or 3 people now, I don’t see any other people willing to make a Stonehearth 2.

And this better Stonehearth has to contended with original+mod, if it isn’t really better, it won’t generate enough money to continues development.

Again, I like the idea. But right now, it is only a fleeting dream.

Um, sorry for necroing this thread, but yeah. I always wondered about that. It would be interesting to know how many people would be willing to shell out money for having a stonehearth without damn memory leaks with becomes unplayable around 30 hearthlings and with ACE included.

I would surely shell out some serious money for that.