Question! Will there be a Stonehearth 2?

I want to state this first:

Amazing alpha, and learning from minecraft:
if Alpha == Amazing
set player.number = irandom(100000-7*10^9)

So, are you thinking of making Stonehearth 2 if that happens, or doing Stonehearth 1.1 after Stonehearth 1.0 and so on like Minecraft does?

@Relyss cause no one else from the almighty Team Radiant i know

Side note: I think I played a little too much Patapon 3 recently.

well if they go like MC they wont need to make a 2nd… cuz it would be in devolopment for a while…

There’s an “or” right there

im blind okay… dont blame me…

(Not really blind just a joke)

Funny enough, there was an idea for StoneHearth2
Tom(the founder alongside Tony) mentioned in one stream that they thought of a SH2 and it was quite a posibility, the idea was to make a game where you can go into the world you built in SH(original) and play as a more open-world/adventure game with dungeons and such
And a ‘3’ or as i like to call it ‘Editor’ would give the player a more dungeon building game with the player designing dungeons so they or other players can challenge it in 2 perhaps one player plays as the dungeon master and tries to hinder the adventurer’s progress

BUT now that TR is part of Riot i am unsure on wheather they’ll actually make them or not.
I’m personally fine by this since while i do love those type of games, i want SH to be the best game it can be before any sequals or additions


Slight tangent: @Artain the reason the software has a minimum character requirement is to encourage people to provide descriptive titles. “Question!” does not help anyone know what the topic is about, so the software is trying to get you to provide more details.

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you know, looking back on that i’ve never really been sure if they were serious about SH 2 and 3, or if it was more of a joke… i know that i loved the idea and mentioned it here on the discourse a few times, but the team never really talked about it after it was mentioned in that one stream… :thinking:


I think the idea was more like what they did in Spore. You could create a city in a normal game, then later you could open it in another tool where you would add triggers and scripts, basically making a mini game with it.

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Haha, we need a Stonehearth MMO. You start out as a worker, pick up delivery/harvesting/mining jobs till you can afford to purchase a plot of land or rent a space for a shop in a city Once you and some friends save up enough money, head out with others to build your own town. I realize folks would wanna be proficient in as many jobs as possible, but they could limit it in a way to encourage group play.

For the love of all that’s holy NO PvP lol. It’s fine for some games, but the vibe this game gives off isn’t the “mow your fellow players down”. Besides it tends to attract a certain element that is detrimental to the health of a “community” type game.


I totally agree! I think I’d been playing 20 minutes when I discovered the “Loot” tooltip and it scared the crap out of me. I thought there would be other player’s towns around to go attack…not what I signed up for.

Though now that I think of it, necessary trading could be a cool element. Maps where you cannot attain some of the resources easily, and then instead of just goblin camps, AI towns could spawn and you could trade like, windows for rugs or vice versa. I know we already have traders, but so much of the draw of this game for me is my little people…and the traders…don’t exist? Does that make sense?


Yup, makes sense and I like it. If not an AI town, then at the very least a caravan camped out in your area for a few days.

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Okay, now that I love. Just like the Goblin camps. But you should have to rely on them for something I think. Slightly off topic but I just thought of this…where do we get water from? o.O

Heh, well you can always use [MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.7 by Froggy. It’ll add new crops, recipes, animals, and decorations for your town. Then your Mason will be able to craft wells for water, but your hearthlings will also require water like they do food. It’s a great addon and I highly recommend it!

If ya mean water in the environment, there’s not currently a way to add it after the map has generated (that I know of). If you’re looking to add more water to your maps though, try out Rivers mod by BrunoSupremo. It’ll add rivers when the maps are generated to choose a location.

The Stonehearth team is currently working on the water mechanics. Hopefully once they get it all ironed out, there will be more options. :jubilant:

I’m so new. That’s quite a bit to take in all at once. I wanna really play out the Vanilla, but I’ll jot these Mods down for later, thanks!

No problem, and welcome to Discourse!! Folks here are pretty friendly and helpful so if ya have any questions or problems, please feel free to ask. :merry:

I’m getting the friendly vibe, alright. I think I’ve commented on every thread I’ve read. I’m all excites. lol

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