Some questions i wanna ask

ok so my there are my questions

1: How much people are currently working on stonehearth?

2: What can we expect from the contents and features of the beta? will there be the class system? and other things?

there are 5 folks on Team Radiant… Tom and Tony (brothers), Stephanie, Chris and Albert…

the team is working on having three functioning pieces for the preview release: building, crafting and modding… we dont really know the specifics beyond that, but there will have to be a handful of professions available (most likely)… the basic worker, a lumberjack… maybe the weaver, given that we’ve seen a few live streams on it?

the farmer and the animal tamer? will there be mobs and infinite terrain and maybe some hamachi local servers?

farmer… maybe? doubtful on the tamer…

yes, but combat will probably be one-sided… not too substantial for the preview release (based on comments from the most recent live stream)



tom said it would be infinite terrain

yes, it will be… i was referring to the preview release however, which will simply not have near as many features as the public release…

i was just assuming this might be one, but its entirely possible i could be wrong… its been known to happen… :smile:

Dont expect too much (better nothing at all :wink:) from beta in december. It is not a complete ‚Äėgame‚Äô experience. It just contains some very few features of the game like @SteveAdamo said. Probably will not be fun to play for too long.
It is like a baby crawling around. It cannot talk, walk, or have much interaction. And it probably wont do what you want it to do :smile:.


infinite terrain might actually be a thing, its what albert has been working a few weeks ago to my knowledge.

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yes indeed‚Ķ i simply wanted to point specifically what was mentioned as an objective for the preview release: building, crafting, modding ‚Ķ and ‚Äúlight‚ÄĚ combat‚Ķ maybe‚Ķ :blush:

but i think this thread has run its course, unless my esteemed colleague feels otherwise…