How's the game coming?

So some of you might remember me from wayyyy back in May/April when this game’s kickstarter was in overdrive. By June I quickly fell off the forums primarily because I got REALLY busy with work and was already heavily involved in a couple of other forums.

HOWEVER! I Stonehearth is one of my most anticipated games and I’ve been keeping an eye on it… but I haven’t really seen an update on its progress.

Specifically, are we still good for meeting the December/January release for the beta? Has the development hit any snags?

While we’re at it, if anything particularly exciting has happened that I’ve missed in the last 5 months, fill me in!

I had a… falling out with my old forum so I’m no longer apart of that community, so I might be a bit more active here now. :]

Well first of all welcome back

I do believe that everything is still in track for a December beta relese

welcome back @DAWGaMims:wink:

well, first and foremost, the beta is now being referred to as a preview release… thats really just a means of managing expectations for what folks can expect in December… and yes, the preview release is still on track for Dec, with the focus being on building and crafting…

we’ve had a number of dev blogs that centered on art assets and skill trees… as well as some on AI and terrain generation… you can take a look at the announced features thread for a good summary of game information, as well as the live stream bank to catch up on the older video material…

have fun! :smile:

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Terrain generations coming along nicely, aesthetics are amazing, and the animation (while a bit over dramatic) seems to fit the game great. you can watch some past live streams on twitch for more detailed info but that about sums it up for now. (Also logic applies so don’t go making any glass shoes or something crazy like that)


excellent, excellent.

Frankly, I’m not a big fan of playing beta’s/incomplete games. Unless they’re a AAA FPS “beta” (a la Battlefield 4, which is really just a demo), there’s almost no point because it’s missing so many of the features/polish.

It’s more important that they’re meeting this deadline because it will be at that moment that the game truly begins to come into fruition, as all the core features (should) be in their final states and all that will be left is tweaking the systems and adding copious amounts of content. Content that will, of course, probably be added at the suggestion of us players.

Glad to hear!

Oh. You’re back. I guess all good things must come to an end.

As people have said above, the game seems to be making good progress, the release in December we’re now calling the preview release, so we’re expecting it to, and their aiming for it to, have the building, crafting, and modding elements of the game included.

We’ll have to wait and see what we get our hands on, as long as people manage their expectations and don’t expect everything and the world in December we’ll be alright. If not, then @SteveAdamo and I will be crashing people back to reality with a ban(g). :stuck_out_tongue: Nah, we’re not that cruel.


Another nickname? You people are so picky when it comes to names. Beta is just fine for me.

We settled on preview release after we noticed that was what it was being called on the Stonehearth store page.

It’s all about reflecting the content of the game with the right name. Calling it the beta is perhaps an unfair reflection of what the release in December will be/ the content it will contain.


So preview meaning

-core systems and gameplay
-basic modules
-Mod support


The things that they’ve said they are aiming to get in the preview release, will be crafting, building and modding; as far as I know!

Those are the three things we always seem to come back to as being core to the game experience.

No combat in early preview? Interesting,…
I’m assuming monthly updates like mine craft though?

I have no idea. There might be some element of combat, we have no idea what systems they’ve broken things in to and how they’re working, but we can assume, from what we’ve heard them say, that crafting, building and modding will be in place.

Again we have no idea of the update schedule, there will be regular updates though between December release to the September 2014 release and beyond though, so don’t worry!

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Cheers geoffers

Now I may rest easy as it is 10:45 pm and I’ve got school tommorow

God bless you sir

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Lol, oh Geoffers. I thought about making some reference about sausages, but I decided against it.

Though I did warn you it would randomly come up in the future.

But I feel like that joke is long dead.

I’m sure something else will come up though :stuck_out_tongue:

As to everything else you’ve been saying: AWESOME. I don’t know how everyone else feels, but frankly, they can take their time. Delay it for as long as they need to. I can’t wait to try it out though!

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sure is nice to have you back @DAWGaMims:smile: