Praises On the New version/questions

Hello Team Radient, I haven’t played for awhile and i just came back to stonehearth, the game is looking GREAT!

It runs like silk.

The Building system is very very well made and fun to experiment with and cool in general!

And I love the new trapper (so much better then the old trapper and fun to watch, but we cant get pets anymore, can you add the ability for us to choose whether or not a certain animal becomes a pet or something like that? Because Im hoping we will get war animals at some point when you start working on the multiple playstyles you promised us (part of the reason i bought the game)(conquest being one that was specified)

Will people still level up, is that still planned or will we just upgrade them? (The upgrades are what I am referring to)
If so How will you do it?

Either way its cool, im just curious.

Also When will we start seeing new enemies (Like zombies) and the dungeons that were mentioned awhile back?

but other then those couple little suggestions I am loving the game right now, its so fun to sit back and watch your town once you get ato a point (Im a big fan of the simulation aspect in games like this (part of why im so into dwarf fortress)

Thanks for all the hard work team radiant!

Also, Hiya discourse… You miss me?

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