Stonehearth - Discussion on a Possible New Way of Building

Hey everybody!,

Real quick, I just wanted to get people’s opinions on one particular subject.

Do you think this game could eventually have the ability to build at 45 degree angles?

Now… I don’t know a darn thing about computers. But I could probably guess that this idea alone would cost so much more work on the game and would just be a giant hassle… or… maybe it won’t… I don’t know.

But! I wanted to ask, for one, for those who actually know what a computer is, do you think this is a possibility for the game?

And second, generally speaking, would you guys even want that sort of feature, or would it take away from the overall… square-iness… of Stonehearth… (Cough, squarell)?

So what do you guys think!?

Let me know! And hopefully I can learn a little more about coding and computers from this. : D


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I think that this isn’t necessarily impossible, as I have seen many games that have this feature. I’m not too much of a programming nerd either - bit of scratch and python xD - but I would say that it is a very possible idea to accomplish, and it shouldn’t take any longer than anything else! I’m guessing that this game has models with increased size, (if you know what I mean) so it would be easier to do this task. It would probably just take a bit of movement code, and there we have it!

I hope that I’ve helped!

BTW: the idea is great, although it could inflict with the voxel idea, perhaps… depending on what this idea is going to do…


Hmm… So you think it wouldn’t be that much of a challenge to do? Very interesting to think about…

And to explain myself… I think to best say this would be like roughly saying:

So as for now, we can rotate our buildings / voxels in four different directions, that being North, South, East, and West. With the concept of building at 45 degree angels, that allows for buildings / voxels to be rotated with the four original directions above, plus Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest… Does… that make any sense at all? I don’t know… Words are hard. : D

But yeah… other than that, thanks for your help!


Yeah, I understand ( I found it hard wording my post too xD). But yeah, if the voxels have been enlarged, then it shouldn’t be very hard!