Question on Future Development?

I wanted to ask what I hope will be a simple question. I’ve just reviewed the most current roadmap. I think I understand the direction and focus for the game now, so thank you for that.

If I lean much much closer to the the RPG element of games, character development, class distinction and diversity. Is Stonehearth a game I will enjoy come the end product? Keep in mind I have ZERO interest, again ZERO interest in designing my own buildings. I’m the type of player that wants templates made for me and I enjoy designing the layout of my town. But I’m not going to spend hours making intricate building designs.

With that in mind, will I enjoy the end product?

What have you thought of the initial building templates and have you unlocked the tier 2 building templates in the game? How did you feel about those?

Also, how do you feel about downloading community made buildings so you don’t have to make them yourself?


I’ve taken the desert scenario to almost 50 hearthlings and I think I unlocked a large portion of the buildings then. They seemed to have much more then the forest dwelling people. But I absolutely love those templates. Saves me needing to design any. Now I have not seen the communities ones or where I can down load those.

I bought into this game like 4 years ago and just pop in every now and then (Normally in between MMO’s) to check up on the progress. I have noticed a few little changes that make game play so much easier. So it is nice to see that.


@Dannyboy I’m the same way when I play Stonehearth - I love all the beautiful buildings our community members come up with, but I’m not artistically inclined. Not getting into details, I think (and hope!) you’ll be happy with the future development of the game :slight_smile:


@Dannyboy Just so you know, there is a site (sorry, but I can’t remember the address) that has player made templates for many different buildings.

:merry: Perhaps some kind person will add it to this thread. I seem to be looking in the wrong places, myself.

This, put together by @BrunoSupremo !


Thanks Guys.

do we have any thoughts on when classes will get expanded upon. That for me is really the focus. I mean this game as such a massive potential in the RPG space is insane, I hope they don’t brush over it :(.

There is two classes that are planned, the magmasmith and the animal trainer.

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Thanks Bruno that seems very lack luster :(. Heres for hoping for many many more and much more develop RPG system. Talk to you all in another year or so I guess.

Best of luck Devs.

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Lol, no one said we will only get those two. Those are the ones closer to complete and that I can easily remember.
Others can be made later too. Like the geomancer.
Classes in general are going to revamped too, so who knows what will happen.
There are mods too. I guess if you get all them it will give you around 10 new classes.


Angelo ( @ayazar ) created a necromancer class in his spare time as an exercise to teach himself the modding framework. You can find it in startermod-class : GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_class: Example mod for adding a class to Stonehearth


Oddly enough, when I backed StoneHearth, the building seemed to me to be the unique selling point. Plenty of other games doing RPG, character interaction, exploration, but only SH building in the style it does.


Totally agree on this point!

In the future will the perk system in classes have options rather than a set list that you get at certain levels? Perk trees rather than perk list?

This was a large draw for me initially.