A new better engine

Hello my name is NCM and i LOOOOOOOOOOOVE stonehearth its the most fun game ive ever played but my problem is just that its not powerfull enough to the desire i want to build in this game so my question to the ACE team is : is it possible to get stonehearth a new and better game engine because the one its running on now is just not powerfull enough to run a full game of stonehearh in general if so i would love to see what u guys can do next because if a better engine is there the posibilities are limitless :smiley:

Hey there!

I answered you on the other thread, I’ll just link it here:

How long whould that teke if someone shoul do it

It’s hard to tell, but I think that someone would probably need a few years, starting from scratch, to reach the point that Stonehearth + ACE is today.


Problem is then when someone should do it the updates will be more and more work so its better if we upgrade set existing engine then

You’re welcome to get started as soon as you like! :merry:

The thing about an engine replacement is that it literally means re-building the game from scratch. Sure you can re-use art assets and some other things… but those are the easy things to make in the first place. I mean, ACE has added literally thousands of new assets already in a couple of years; but has only added maybe a couple of hundred “under the hood” features, and very few of those actually change the engine – they mostly add new logic structures that run on top of the base engine.

For a project like ACE, it’s just not practical to re-build the game from scratch. You can’t just use find-and-replace to change “stonehearth engine” for “Unreal engine” or whatever… and quite frankly, it’s not even clear that there is a better engine out there to build Stonehearth with! I mean… the reason that the original dev team built their own engine was because they couldn’t find an existing one that would do all the things they wanted it to. That was nearly 10 years ago and there are new engines and new technology available now that weren’t available back then, so maybe there is a better option now… but the only way to find out is to try it, and that takes years of work to test out the idea.

So, yeah, feel free to make a start on that if you want to. But you’re talking about a truly massive undertaking – it would be fair and accurate to call it “Stonehearth 2” – and that’s simply beyond the reach of most modders and fans even if we really like the idea. It took nearly 10 years and several million dollars to develop the original Stonehearth, and then ACE has added years worth of unpaid(!) volunteer development on top of that. And that contribution from ACE is really only possible because they’re building upon an already working (if imperfect) base game – if they were starting from scratch, then I doubt they’d even have a playable prototype yet; after all the original dev team quietly spent years on Stonehearth before they took it to Kickstarter and then it was a couple more years before the first alpha was released. The cost in time and resources of “Stonehearth 2 with a better engine” is literally more than we can easily comprehend. It would be great… but unless someone has a few spare million dollars to throw at the project, it just isn’t going to get off the ground.

Just because something is theoretically possible doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea – and while I admire your enthusiasm, I just don’t see a way to make that idea into reality.