Stonehearth: The Card Game?

Yes, that is right. The concept for a card game based on Stonehearth has been floating around in my head for a while, and I just wanted to see if there would be interest in such a thing.

Important Stuff

  • This won’t be a TCG/CCG. Those are literal pay-to-win games. Ugh.
  • Before I can start selling I will need Team Radiant’s permission.
  • I will be selling decks, but I won’t make any profit off of them.
  • The company I am using will profit off of the card game. Is that okay?

So, feedback? Any questions/comments/suggestions and I’ll be happy to respond.

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This brings to mind a card game with a familiar name… :smile:

Not sure how the city-builder aspects would translate into a card game… could you elaborate more on what you have in mind?

I would probably be interested in a deck of playing cards with stonehearth artwork on it!


It would be a more combat-centric game, but it would involve animals and structures as well. More based off of potential Stonehearth PvP than the core of the game itself.

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sounds interesting, not sure if i would actually by it though…
also, you could go really elaborately into the building, but that would be kinda boring for a card game…

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The player would create structures (granting passive bonuses) that would come into play during combat. Each player would manage their own villages and choose their defensive units in order to protect the valuable animals and structures from being destroyed or stolen.

And I won’t do too much in the way of building. I wanted this to be a fun and quick game without complicated rules and processes.


[quote=“Dwalus, post:5, topic:11488”]
The player would create structures (granting passive bonuses) that would come into play during combat. Each player would manage their own villages and choose their defensive units in order to protect the valuable animals and structures from being destroyed or stolen.
[/quote]this sounds rather cool to me.

i didnt think you were, just my strange thought process :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm… @tom @sdee

If I were to go forward with this idea, would it be okay if I sold the game for the manufacturer’s price without gaining a single penny for my work?

Love the idea but I am sure you might be allowed gain at least a few cents for your work.


Maybe so, but only barely enough to compensate me for my time. I don’t want this to be profitable at all since it is derived from Radiant’s product.

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade here, but holy heck. A card game, or a board game (@pepe) are really interesting ideas and may well work, but it’s one thing to have a proof of concept and another to push forward and get this sort of thing manufactured.

I mean not only would you need permission, but the team would arguably need to be involved in the process to ensure that what is going to be produced is high quality, true to what they want, and doesn’t in anyway damage the name/ brand.

I think the first thing you’d need to do is actually provide a fully functioning idea, rulesets etc. etc. etc. and then go from there.

Does Stonehearth even need a card game?


Though I like where this idea is going, @Dwalus. Geoffers does ask a relevant question.

I love the idea of Stonehearth Merch just as much as the next guy, but it seems like at this point in development there really is no need for a card game, But perhaps somewhere down the road (Beta, Perhaps?) where the game is near complete this idea might be put to action.

Me personally I’m not so sure how well Stonehearth would be reflected in a card game. Now, Action Figures on the other hand seem like they could translate well into the games Voxel Glory if done properly.


Would it not be enough for it to be considered fan art? It’s pretty much like @Nicedude80 selling Stonehearth plushies or mods. If it was considered a fanmade game (as per the title) then nobody would mistake it for anything official.

I don’t think you understand… I would be using a company that specializes in custom board/card games, primaries prototypes. Basically, all I need to do is upload the high-res JPGs to their website, choose the number of cards, and click order. That’s all there is to it, I’m not legitimately mass producing anything, maybe no more than 1-2 decks.

Of course not, nothing fun is necessary.

As I said, I’m not looking to profit off of this. My goal with it was to create a neat game to play personally and then I would share a link for everyone else in the case they want one too. It’s literally the exact same process, I would just be clicking “publish” instead of keeping the game private.

If necessary, I’ll just make the game for myself.

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Fan art is fine, but that’s not what this is or not what you would intend to do. You cannot name it stonehearth, or use the logo’s associated with radiant or stonehearth . That would suggest that the item you are selling and creating whether you make profit or not, is a product by Radiant., which it is not. That is misleading customers and secondly could damage their reputation whether the product is high or low quality.

It’s completely allowed to create something of your own based on what someone else created, but you cannot imply that it is made by them or associated with them in anyway.

It is also allowed to create something like that for yourself, as long as you keep it for yourself and create and print it yourself; Another company cannot do that (cause then they would be them who is printing another company logo an so forth)

Also I am pretty sure, blizzard will have issues with this as well, A card game named Stonehearth, that’s like starting an online mmo called ‘Warcraft of The World.’.

Like the idea though, it sounds fun


That’s a fair point, I won’t call it Stonehearth or anything related. (And that was never my intention anyway, in spots of the topic title)

I’m still not sure what to call it, but on the public product page I’ll simply name it “Fan-created Game.” This name will have several purposes, because:

  1. The name and logo are missing from the final product and description/instructions/etc.
  2. It is immediately and explicitly established as a game created by fans of something else, not an original creation.
  3. I have no interest in people outside of the Discourse buying the game. Without a real name they would be unlikely to find it.

Oh, and this won’t be some low-quality game made in MS paint. I have experience with such things and neither I nor the manufacturer will create anything sloppy.

Yer I mean I could definitely see it translating in to a board game of some sorts - something like castles of burgundy, or carcassone, that sort of resource management/ tile based board game.

Granted the impression I got from your original post was that you had intended to produce some sort of card game and distribute it - which I would say is a big no no. Of course if you wanted to do an unofficial fan made card game based upon SH well, there’s not really much stopping that.

God I didn’t even think about that ha. That would probably be a bit too far having a Stonehearth Card Game, and a Hearthstone Card Game. Lawsuit hell.

Cool - like I said my biggest thing would be to get a solid looking game down, rules, cards, graphics etc, and test the waters, see what people think.

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Well, that is all true. It will be an unofficial card game based on Stonehearth that I will produce and distribute via manufacturer - but I assume the disconnect was whether or not I wanted them to consider it official. That makes much more sense.

Okay, I’ll do that. What I typically do is print out several prototypes on cardstock and after a few revisions I’ll send it to the printer.

im gonna throw my 2c in, perhaps before you actually move on any further you should get Radiants consent…

Yep, I’m still waiting for a reply. Otherwise I would get to work on the basic card design.

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just wanted to say, I am genuinely intrigued by what sort of concept you might have in mind… would love to see your mockups, gameplay rules etc at some point! :+1:


Perhaps a combination of card and board game. Players have a central land map with construction pieces and two decks, goblin and villager.

“My turn? Right… First I will use my resource cards to generate 10 berry, 12 wood, and 6 stone. Next I will place my 6 stone tiles on the board here to finish this section of wall, and the wood I will use to generate two door tiles and a lantern tile. My berries will take my newest footman to his place on the wall, yes! Finally, I play this attack card, Firepit Glitch, which will prevent your goblins from moving during your next turn.”