Stonehearth Cards

Story-into-thread time!

I was lying in bed, thinking about how great this game is. My mind strays to the similarly named card game by Blizzard Ent… and why they have such similar names. Was there a naming dispute of some sort, where bot Radiant and Blizzard wanted the same name, one company won and the other flipped around the words? Either way, that’s not what this is about. This is about a Stonehearth card game. The “Your Thread is Similar to” thing led me to this. It is an interesting concept, and like said in that thread, isn’t really something to be considered… yet.

On to what I’m contributing to this topic: a set of rules and mechanics for this hypothetical card game so that anyone who would like to make some cards for themselves could not have to deal with building a game.
My ruleset is going to be like a Magic/Card Wars/Fire Emblem mash-up.

Oh yes, Rounds, Turns and Phases, let the Card Game Nerdiness be released!

How to Play Stonehearth Card Game

Rounds, Turns and Phases
Round: Every active player’s Turns, in sequence.
Turn: A turn is ONE player’s Progress, Deploy, Movement and Combat Phases put together.
Phase: A part of a Turn in which specific Actions are permitted.

  • Progression Phase: This is the Phase in which all previously placed Units gain EXP, Buildings advance through Construction Stages, and Defenses can be Reset. This Phase is ALWAYS first in a Turn.
  • Deploy Phase: This is the Phase in which the Player can place Buildings, summon Troops and lay down Defenses and Items. This Phase is in conjunction with the Movement Phase.
  • Movement Phase: This is the Phase in which the Player can move around Units that it owns. This Phase is in conjunction with the Deploy Phase.
  • Actions from the Deploy and Movement Phases can be done in any order.
  • Combat Phase: This is the Phase in which the Player can use it’s Units to Attack another player.

Card Types

  • Troop: A card that can Move, Attack, and Defend, gains EXP at the start of every Turn, and can Level Up.
  • Building: A Card that grants passive bonuses to nearby Troops.
  • Defense: A Card that passively damages an Enemy that is within it’s range. Can apply effects, such as Stun, Burning, or Poison.
  • Item: A Card that grants passive bonuses to a single Troop.


  • Summoning: Every Card has a Mana Cost, from 1-4. Each Player has X amount of Mana, equal to (round number + 1, up to 8).
  • Combat: Troop deals damage equal to it’s Attack Value minus the target’s Defense Value.
  • Gaining EXP: Troops can gain EXP. 1 EXP is awarded to every unit, every round. 1 EXP is awarded for any action a Troop makes. (Attack, Passive Ability, Active Ability) 1 EXP is awarded to a Troop for making a finishing blow.
    ex. A Troop Attacks (+1) and Defeats (+1) an Enemy. It also used an Ability (+1). The Round Finishes (+1)
  • Leveling Up: The EXP that Troops earn are used to Level Up. To Level Up, a Troop needs (2 * current Level) EXP.

These are NOT all of the mechanics.

More Details Coming!