Hearthstone and Stonehearth Beta

This is a mixed topic; for discussion about Hearthstone and what they did with the Beta. As a European, it’s a bit of a slap in the face from Blizzard in how they’ve done the Beta. There’s much more reaction and reasoning here (read through some of the comments) but essentially it’s two weeks after it was released to the US and they’re still postponing it for us Europeans. And they didn’t even apologise, they just made some slightly humourous but quite out of place comment about shuffling decks and corralling merlocs.

What I’d hope from that little rant is just that Radiant don’t follow suit. I think they have an awful lot more sense so I wouldn’t expect they would do so, but in the off-chance that they were considering it; please don’t. You’ve got a fairly mixed following from North America and Europe and a fair few from Australia too (these are the main followings) so just make it all global within a few days please. :smile:

On a separate note, as it kind of fits in with this thread, I’m just gonna pop a link to a Youtuber. His name is Broloth and he actually works for Blizzard. Almost everyone who watches him says he is the best Hearthstoner they have seen. He is very fast-paced and enjoyable to watch. I will shamelessly say I came to him when Lewis from the Yogscast commented on his video, in which he’d stumbled upon him and played him. But since then I’ve watched all his videos and enjoy him thoroughly. I hope you guys do too. :smile:

I highly doubt that Radient even could if they wanted to. They release it to the Humble Bundle website I believe, and they give it out, not Radient directly.

I’m glad I was talking utter nonsense so there’s no chance of it actually happening. I just don’t want the forum buzzing with everyone from USA and Canada super excited and us Europeans sat there crying. But yeah, I should have remembered that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

bah, no worries… but yeah, with HB and (eventually) Steam, the release is location agnostic… SH for the masses on day 1! :smile:

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As has already been said above, I just don’t ever see this happening … I mean I can’t think of an indie game that has gone down this road? I mean, there might be issues in certain countries where English isn’t the native language, but I don’t see this stopping the release.

I suppose the thing with Hearthstone as well is that they have to assess server load and stuff perhaps? I have no idea about their reasoning but there are a few things on this scale that are released in the US before. A lot of game releases used to be and some still are released in the US about a week before Europe. That’s changed a lot in recent years.

Basically, yer, this isn’t anything to worry about :smile:

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After going through Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Russian, German, Polish, and Portuguese websites in order to get a beta key, I’m starting to go a little nuts. I thought I wouldn’t know what to do until the Stonehearth beta, but now I don’t know what I’ll do until Hearthstone is released!

Hm… you could e.g. think about a meaningful topic related to Stonehearth which would inspire people to answer and lead to an interesting discussion. After that you could post it here in the forum and observe what happens. :wink:


as you mentioned both games, it seemed fitting to merge them in a existing thread… that mentions both games… :smile:

but yes, hearthstone does look rather fun! i’ve watched a handful of LPs, and it looks like a good time waster until SH graces us with its presence… :+1:

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Not going to lie, I had to keep looking at my bookmarks toolbar to remember which game was which reading this post. You guys are confusing. Haha


You’re just lucky I didn’t go with the title for the thread that I seriously did consider of Hearthstonehearth :smile:


Unlike Blizzard, who knows people will play there games because they have a VERY large community. radiant doesn’t have a very huge or established fan base and don’t want to lose the people they have (@Geoffers747 and @SteveAdamo would never leave of course :3) they WILL NOT do this they need to or else there European fan base WHOOSH is just gone.

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not yet… but they’re off to an impressive start…

somewhere around 25k contributers during the campaign, and growing, im sure… pales in comparison to ActiBliz, but once SH reaches the masses, it’ll be sunshine, unicorns and dom perignon at team radiant’s headquarters… :smile:


My thoughts exactly once stonehearth hits it will hit hard… Well, maybe not EXACTLY the same

less unicorns, more wombats?

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Playable wombats? Please Radiant?

Edit: So I checked my gmail, which I don’t often do as it isn’t my main email I use (and even that I barely check), and apparently I’ve been in since the 13th Dec! Woohoo! Anyone up for a game?